Girls Volleyball Serves Up a Great Season

The EHHS Girls Volleyball team had a great season making it through to the Division Semi-Finals. Check out some highlights from the season. Photo credit to Coach Mark Curcio.

EHHS girls Varsity Volleyball Team does their annual dive getting ready to face North Haven. Coming from the end of the season they make sure to take advantage of the short time they have together. What a way to bring up the energy ladies!

Coach Amanda Bradley helping out Varsity warmup!

The team would never be able to achieve as much as they did without her! "Thank you for always being there to help us out whether it's warming up, practice, and advice you have never let us down."

Sophomores Lily Gagnon, Adriana Frenchesci, and Niki Sangiovani pose for a quick picture during warmups! It's always good to get in a pre-game group picture with your teammates. Nothing like playing with some of your best friends.

Our Junior Varsity team cheering off right before facing North Haven. There is nothing like those pre-game talks. Being surrounded by a strong team is the best feeling in the world!

Our front row getting running into play as the ball is coming into play. You can really see how focused the girls are on the game! Dialing in is always important especially when you got a flying ball coming at you.

Freshman Neveah Caffalette after making a diving play. You gotta do whatever you got to do to save the ball from hitting the ground. Even if that means you hit the ground…

Our varsity girls celebrated after winning a point. Points don't come easy, it's always good to celebrate whenever you get one. Great job girls!

Our varsity girls gave a quick pose while supporting our JV team. We love good teammates and we should be thankful we have a great group of girls like this!

Freshman Belle Desrosiers and Neveah Caffalette showing teamwork. You do not always make the perfect play but it's great when you have supportive teammates like Neveah. Picking each other up shows great teamwork.

Senior Taylor Salato sending over a jump serve. Serving is one of the most important things in volleyball. Nice job Taylor on making a good one over.

Congratulations to the entire team and their coaches on a fabulous season!