Get Fond Of Petonito’s New Fondue

Petonito’s Bakery, located at 190 Main Street and founded in 1954 by Mr. Salvatore Petonito, is an East Haven favorite and is now introducing a new fondue spot to their shop. Mr. Petonito and his wife, Dolores, ran the pastry shop for many years in East Haven before handing it over to the Criscuolo family. The bakery has a new addition, the Fondue Spot at Petonito’s which is held inside the bakery and cupcake shoppe, along with their Petonito’s Cafe. It will be held on Friday and Saturday Nights starting May 13th, 2022 from 5-9 p.m.

The Petonito family is an Italian family that wanted to create and share their culture with their fantastic baking skills. The Criscuolos were lucky enough to be able to continue their family’s Italian traditions through baking and pastry from over 65 years ago when they purchased their shop in 2019. The traditional bakery items are very popular including their specialty cannolis, with flavors such as Cherry Dip, Chocolate-Covered, Original, Cookies & Cream, Mounds, as well as many more out-of-the-box flavors.

The new Fondue Spot at Petonino’s is the center of attention at the establishment. The cofounder, Regina Criscuolo mentioned: “We added it because we know how popular fondue is and thought it would be a fun night out for all.” Petonino’s recommends anyone to their bakery to have fun and hang out at their new spot within the shop.

Fondue is a French cuisine that has small pieces of food along with various dips and soups, traditionally with the dip being cheese. In Petonino’s these pieces will have a variety of dipping sauces like milk, white and dark chocolate, Nutella, Caramel, and Cannoli Dip. For items to dip there will be cake pieces, brownie bites, Oreos, marshmallows, Rice Krispie treats, pretzels, strawberries, bananas, and more. Petonito's bakery itself also has a variety of flavors of ice cream, ice cream specialty drinks, cones, gelato, espresso, coffee, cappuccino, cannolis, and many other desserts.

If you’re interested in bakery items and ice cream, you will love visiting Petonino’s. They sell many items that will cater to everyone, including wedding cakes, which are all at affordable prices. Their products start at $1.00 and can go up to hundreds of dollars for larger items like wedding cakes. They offer cakes, pies, cupcakes, pastries, cookies, donuts, chocolate-covered items, cake pops, muffins, dessert tables, donuts, and more. Petonito’s most popular item is cannolis which are made from scratch every morning.

Photo credit: Regina Criscuolo

Petonito’s has been introducing classic and traditional Italian desserts for years and has spread its pride and success all over East Haven. With this new edition of the fondue spot to their bakery, they hope to attract more customers and become a fan favorite in the East Haven community. As Regina, the co-founder of Petonitos mentioned, “We would recommend our bakery to anyone who loves sweets, classic and traditional desserts.”