Frozen 2 Freezes Its Audience in Anticipation

Freezing over the first movie, Frozen 2 is currently the highest-grossing animated Disney film making approximately $1.325 billion dollars in global box office sales.

Released November 22, 2019, just Thanksgiving weekend the film earned $123 million in box office sales, making it the first animated movie to surpass triple digits in its first weekend. Frozen 2 was “Disney’s sixth 2019 release to reach $1 billion in ticket sales,” according to This movie has made history in success and it is still growing to this day because of its chilling tone, music, and themes.

Now that all of the basic information is out of the way, get ready for the spoilers because I can’t stop talking about this movie.

I went to see Frozen 2 twice in the theatre after it was released and enjoyed every moment of it. If you have not seen it yet, I highly recommend you do. If you enjoyed the original blockbuster Frozen, the sequel blew the first movie out of the water.

Just like Frozen, Frozen 2 follows the two sisters Anna and Elsa but this time to an enchanted forest where they have to get through and settle the spirits of the four elements who were disturbed in the past, trapping each element in the forest. They went on this journey after Elsa started hearing a voice, calling her to the forest. The two sisters then faced many struggles to keep one another safe from any dangers. I won’t say too much because you should really experience it for yourself, but all you should know is that I cried. Both times. So bring tissues just in case because it really is an emotional roller coaster.

Besides the plot, directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck really stepped it up with the music in Frozen 2 compared to Frozen. From Josh Gad’s character Olaf’s new song, “When I am Older” which in my opinion completely trumps his previous hit “In Summer,” to Jonathan Groff’s character Kristoff actually having a really catchy song “Lost in the Woods.” Frozen 2 brought a new tone to it’s music and depth to their lyrics. Everyone knows Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go,” but if you haven’t already, I highly suggest listening to “Into the Unknown.” Between the amazing harmonies, to the struggles of Elsa shown in the lyrics, the song could be listened to in the car just jamming out, or to empower the listener just in general. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of Mendel’s voice, the popular group Panic! At the Disco did a fantastic cover of it as well, shown during the end credits of the movie.

The two movies also had major differences in their themes. As Frozen focused more on the unity of family, Frozen 2 brings more adult themes to the story of Arendelle, including the importance of environmental disasters and how the main antagonist in the movie is the change within themselves. Therefore parents can enjoy the film just as much as the kids have.

Freshman Vinnie Apicella preferred Frozen 2 : “There was a lot more to this one like take Elsa, in the first movie she was only doubting herself the whole time about not being able to get rid of the eternal winter, but in the new movie it was about her discovering her past and more about herself and her powers.” Vinnie not only saw the news songs as “iconic” but also mentioned to people who have not seen it to, “be ready to cry.” Senior Ian Loehmann also mentioned, “There were a lot of moments where you might not expect one thing but it happens anyway. I also like how each character was able to get their own personality and storyline unlike in Frozen.” Both EHHS students agreed that Frozen 2 was preferred after watching both.

Frozen 2 has monumentally made history not just in box office sales, but also in the Disney company itself, making a movie that anyone at any age could enjoy for all different reasons. I really do suggest seeing it if you haven’t already. As much as Frozen was such a hit, it’s time to “Let it Go” and enjoy Frozen 2.