Friendly Deals at Friendly’s

Friendly’s in North Haven wanted to start the new season with a bang so they brought back ‘Kids Eat Free Wednesday’ starting this winter. On August 14, 2019, Friendly’s reintroduced the special to see how it would affect sales. Manager Wilbert Vidro said, “Kids are just limited to the kid’s menu however the kid wouldn’t be able to eat free unless an adult entree is purchased. It’s a free kids meal per adult entree.” An adult entree price ranges from $9.99 to $17.59 depending on what you get. Some entrees such as the buffalo mac and cheese are $13.19 while the fisherman’s platter which comes with shrimp, clam strips, and cod is $17.59. You may be spending $30 or more in one visit which is typical if you were with four people.

With the special being taken away in the past Manager Wilbert Vidro said, “With adults coming in with more kids since it’s per so just in terms of profitability it will be long term for the kids eat free.” There are mixed opinions about the special, One customer said, “I actually think it’s good. I don’t know how it is for other parents, but it actually does take a huge load off of me whenever I don’t feel like cooking.” While the other customer said, “I think you should advertise it as it is; kids only eat free per adult entree. I came in with the assumption that both of my kids will be eating free, but I ended up paying for one because I only bought one adult entree.”

With the new menu out, adults have quite a few entrees to choose from, including the buffalo mac, citrus chicken, cheddar jack chicken, fisherman's platter, and many more. Each entree varies. Rebecca Rodriguez, a server at Friendly’s, said, “A lot of people complain about kids not being able to add on things anymore, and a lot of the seniors also get upset about the selected senior items instead of letting them pick their own entree.” Before, seniors were able to choose anything from the menu and get a free sundae with a discount. However, that has recently changed. Every couple of months some, entrees stay while some go and never come back. Don’t miss your chance of experiencing some once in a lifetime food. Get down to Friendly’s now and enjoy some food.