• Amy Nieto

‘For Us, By Us!’: What The Buzz Stop Hopes to Offer

Last Thursday, September 12 2019, The Buzz Stop was reopened for Back to School Night. Opening with a fifty percent off sale, the apparel sold out quickly. As the inventory sold out, the directors of The Buzz Stop are looking for a new schedule, and ideas for the store. Mrs. Susan Harkins and Ms. Janet Carangelo, the new directors of The Buzz Stop, are currently working to upgrade the store with a new schedule, and increase student involvement. Other ideas, such as having Mr. Matthew Stevens’ art and digital media students design apparel, making personalized apparel, and involving EHHS clubs, are being contemplated. Although there is no schedule in place, Ms. Carangelo says, “As soon as we can get The Buzz Stop restocked, then we will open it for scheduled hours. It’ll be before lunch and after lunch.” As of right now, nothing has been finalized but Mrs. Harkins and Ms. Carangelo are eager to create a place for students and staff to communicate and share ideas.

Photo credit: Amy Nieto

Photo credit: Amy Nieto

The Buzz Stop was opened to the student body in 2018 with irregularly scheduled hours. When the business downsized in the 2018-2019 school year, The Buzz Stop had to find a new apparel distributor. Rather than finding a new company to run the store independently, the administrators thought to make The Buzz Stop run by students. With the outside business, pre-vocational EHHS classes, and Capstone classes, The Buzz Stop would be opened regularly. “When I found out that we were opening the store, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved. I love the idea of ‘For Us, By Us!’" said Ms. Juliet Goraieb, our EHHS Library Media Specialist and one of many teachers who runs a Capstone course. With this ‘For Us, By Us’ initiative students were able to order, sell, and promote for The Buzz Stop. Alexis Pendziwater said: “Eleven students helped come up with some of the logos and apparel for the Buzz Stop [...] One [person] created a Twitter and a website [was] created by two other students [...] and we all created flyers around the school.” The Buzz Stop offered students a place to not only be involved in the school, but to acquire skills for business and customer interactions.

The Buzz Stop hopes to create a place for students and staff to openly discuss what they would like to see and acquire new skills. Mrs. Harkins hopes: “I hope that it [The Buzz Stop] is self-sustaining. [...] That we have enough profit that we can continually purchase items, school supplies, apparel, [and] get some student ideas what would they like to see in the school store.” Although finalizations are to come, The Buzz Stop has several ideas to incorporate students and staff members and create a learning environment for all.