Five EHHS Seniors’ Advice for Life

In only a few more months, EHHS seniors will graduate and move on to their next journey, whether it be college, trade school, or the workforce. Before they graduate, five seniors left behind a guide on how to be successful. The seniors hope to help the upcoming seniors and underclassmen be successful.

According to multiple seniors in EHHS, the underclassmen should prioritize their school career, doing things like paying attention and putting effort into school to really help aid their successes in their future.

Students should keep a balance between school and their outside-of-school life. According to EHHS senior Isabella Martindale, students should balance school and fun. Isabella stated, “Try to balance things between fun and school.” Besides the fun, she also thinks students should be prioritizing school, saying:“ I would say prioritize school and make sure you are doing well but don't always set high expectations for yourself.” She feels this is important because it will not be good if students have too much fun for themselves and forget about school which can completely ruin their future, but it is also a bummer if they only focus on studying and forget to have fun at this young age. Similar to Isabella, EHHS senior Ryan Sieng also thinks underclassmen should prioritize things that make them happy. He stated, “Prioritize success, whether that success is in academics or just plain being happy.”

Differing from both Isabella and Ryan, EHHS Senior Kevin Phan thinks underclassmen should be focused on building relationships between their peers along with their teachers. Building onto this idea, Isabella also thinks that students should build relationships with the teachers and administration. She stated, “You should make sure to create a relationship with the teachers and administration.” This is because connecting to teachers and administration gives Isabella so many more opportunities. She also shares that the connection also helps her build a good reputation with the people around her. Students should have considered whether or not they should prioritize relationships over school.

One of the most important steps that help build a bright future is what classes students decide to take. Ryan Sieng advises, “ Prioritize classes that follow what career you want to follow, then what classes sound fun. In terms of classes that are fun, take Culinary.” Mentioning fun classes, Isabella recommends ceramics or any class that brings students to a brand new experience. She says, “It depends on what you are looking for, a class that makes things, a class that you can bring stuff home, and learn new things.”

As young adults, many students pressure themselves by taking AP classes and honor not knowing that some of these classes may stress them out. They too are so caught up in the moment that they forgot to take care of their emotional and mental well-being. The more advanced the class, the more difficult it is to concentrate, though EHHS senior Dominic Roberts suggests students should take a break and engage with their friends. Dom shared: “When stressed I’d just take breaks and play games with friends.” Dom believes that taking time away from your studying relieves stress, besides, students wouldn’t feel pressure if they didn’t put their minds to the work constantly. Dom says; “It isn’t that hard to not be stressed as long as you’re not drilling your brain with constant schoolwork you should be fine, though when you do eventually end up doing this make sure you’re confident with the work you produce.” On the other hand, Isabella thinks students should talk to their teachers if they ever feel pressure; “I found that especially as a senior, the teacher knows a lot about what is going on and the teacher understands that.” Another solution to deal with stress based on Ryan is to listen to music and give themselves a break.

Like many others, seniors also have many things that they regret. The most common regret is not putting enough effort into the work, and if they can go back in time, they make sure to do the work.

One piece of advice the seniors would give the underclassmen is to actually do work and invest in academics. EHHS senior Marianna Myers stated: “Try to get homework and classwork done early so that you have more time to yourself later. Also, try to sleep at an earlier time because you wake up refreshed and it makes the day go by faster.” Dom added: “From my personal experience I would tell the underclassmen to make sure to get their work done while also making sure to have a good time.” As mentioned above, it is important for students to keep the balance between having fun and studying, they have a bright future ahead of them. Dom says, “I know the future is important but the times as you experience them are just as crucial. Don’t inundate yourself with honors and AP classes if it means you won’t be able to hang out with your friends and don’t always slack off, make sure you dedicate enough time to both your studies and your social life.”

Although this may be hard a hard pill for some students, seniors urge students to never give up, whether failing a test or the entire course. A lot of high school students give up their entire school career just because they failed once. There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says “Failure is the mother of success.”

With a bit of help coming from the seniors, school is tough, but at least you have a cheat sheet!