Finding Hobbies and Sanity During Quarantine

We’ve been in quarantine for about a month now and I know we are probably all sick of it. So here are a few things to keep you busy and help you have fun while staying safe and at home.


One thing that everyone has obviously been doing during this time is binge watching TV shows and movies, whether it’s on Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, or Youtube. Stephanie Redding says, “I would recommend that other people watch The Blacklist on Netflix because it’s amazing!” If you aren’t sure what to watch, check out Tyler Vance’s article on the top 3 most popular TV shows and movies.

At Home Workouts

Although sitting in bed and watching TV all day sounds amazing, it’s important to make sure that you stay active in the meantime. Sites like can help you find an at home workout plan for yourself! The program offers pictures and a little description on how to do the workout, as well as what each one will do to benefit your body. Haley Kozlowski says, “I started working out about 5 years ago. I would say that watching Youtube videos would be most beneficial for people new to working out; that’s how I started.” If you’d like to start working out, there are plenty of options available, but even just going for a walk outside and enjoying the fresh air is beneficial.

Painting done by Mary Fucci


Another great thing to do while being stuck inside are crafts like drawing, coloring, painting, or puzzles. These things are fun and easy to do. Mary Fucci says, “I would recommend that people try painting because it’s a fun and relaxing way to pass time.” If you aren’t great at drawing or painting, like myself, there’s always other options!. Puzzles are great to do with the people around your house to spend some time with them while doing something fun.


The last, and my personal favorite, is baking and cooking. You can find something to bake or cook with any ingredients in your house; all you have to do is look up a recipe. Maree Feld mentioned, “I find it fun because of how good you feel

after it’s done when you and your family are enjoying it.” Baking and cooking is so fun and satisfactory; it makes you feel good about what you made and gives you a delicious turn out. If you’ve never cooked before, have no worries, you can check out these tasty BuzzFeed recipes that anyone can make.

There are so many other things you can do during this time, but these are just a few things that I've been enjoying while making sure to stay home and stay healthy.