Field Trips Introduce A Different Way Of Learning

In the 2019-20 school year, EHHS students had many field trips associated with the lessons taught in the classrooms. Ms. Pompano invited Mr. Russell’s zoology class and Mr. Cassone’s CT wildlife and conservation class to experience The Maritime Aquarium located in Norwalk, CT to learn about ocean life.

Photo Credit: Marchella Bailey

For some students sitting in a classroom is not the most effective method of learning for them. Hands-on learning or visual stimulation can improve the learning process for many students and in result, guides them to do better in the classroom. Going on a field trip is a great way to retain key information needed for class; it can not only benefit many students but it also makes learning more exciting. According to senior, Coralyz Torres, “You’re sitting in a classroom for 45 minutes a day but when you’re on a field trip you’re more active and willing to learn.” Including field trips can motivate and get students wanting to learn because it is a new, more hands-on learning experience for them.

During the aquarium field trip, students learned plenty of facts about aquatic life through the information provided at each exhibit. Each section of the aquarium included facts about each sea animal and provided hands-on learning. As students explored the aquarium they were able to touch jellyfish and watch shark feeding. This experience has encouraged students to know more about aquatic life and the importance of it. Senior, Joseph Persico says, “Some things a student learns is hard to understand from just common tests and assignments.” Therefore, teachers have to get students to be more engaged in learning by understanding that every student learns differently and retains information in other processes. Some students need to have a visual for information to process as efficiently as other students who learn better through textbooks.

Photo Credit: Marchella Bailey

In my opinion, field trips should be enforced more into students learning path because it could benefit a good amount of students who have a hard time learning in the classroom. Giving the students an opportunity to learn the same information as quickly as other students through visuals could encourage them to learn more. Since, all students learn differently field trips will only help a certain amount of students who attend. Having visual learning could possibly cause students to remember the information by being able to see whatever it is their lesson is on.