ESports Update 17 March 2022

On Thursday, March 10, both Esports teams both lost to their opponents. Team Alpha lost to Newtown High School, 3-0, and Team Bravo lost to Putnam Science Academy, 2-1. Currently, Team Alpha's record for the season so far is 1-2, and Team Bravo's is 0-3. There are still 5 more games left in the season, so there is much room left for improvement, and perhaps a shot at making the playoffs.

Trevor Vaccino, from Team Bravo, was very pleased with how his team played that match, despite the loss. Vaccino is a freshman who just joined the club this year and is enjoying his experience with it: "I really enjoy the Esports club. Sure it's looked at as nerdy, but it's really a great time to not only play video games competitively but hang out with friends and talk". When reflecting on his performance during the match, Vaccino commented on his defense: "I think I did fairly okay. Despite the fact that we didn't win, I felt that I made some very good blocks and had a lot of good clears that my teammates were able to build upon. I primarily play the defensive game for my team, so I feel that I was able to fulfill my role for the most part". He also looked back on his other strengths during the match: "I was able to do well defending and assisting my teammates". Vaccino definitely proved this, as he and his teammates put up a fight with their opponents. He also commented on his weaknesses as well: "As soon as the ball was both snug with the wall and airborne, I had difficulty following through with wall shots". In Rocket League, wall shots can be very difficult to execute and take much time to practice. To improve his weaknesses, Vaccino made note of what he should do to improve his gameplay: "I could definitely practice more and focus on improving my offense and wall shots". After Vaccino looked back on his performance, he then began to comment on his teammates' performance as well: "I think my teammates performed very well. After I cleared the ball, my teammates were able to turn it into a fully offensive attack and scored some good goals. I'm proud of them, and I feel like the game helped us all improve as a whole". The players from Team Alpha noticed their improvement throughout the season as well, and are very happy with their growth. Though both Esports teams have many things to work on, they are still giving it their all each week. Vaccino says that he is very grateful to be in the Esports club and thanked Mr. A. Gardner, the club advisor, and Esports coach, for his support: "I just want to thank Mr. Gardner for organizing the Esports club and being so supportive whether or not we win or lose. He is a great teacher and an exceptional role model that we all are lucky to have".