Esports: The Spring Season

As the preseason came to an end, the EHHS Esports teams were well warmed up for the regular season. This season, there will be two teams competing, instead of just one. The first team, Team Alpha, includes Dominic Roberts (senior), Kayla DeLuca (sophomore), Evan Martinez (freshman), and Dilan Robert (freshman). The second team, Team Bravo, includes Trevor Vaccino (freshman), Justin Trudeau (freshman), Aedan Conners (freshman), and Anthony Arcangelo (freshman). Team Alpha is excited to see how the new team will do this season.

On Thursday, February 24, the teams played their first matches of the regular season. Team Alpha started off the season with a huge win against Putnam Science Academy, 3-0 and are now tied for 1st place in Connecticut. Unfortunately, Team Bravo lost to Northwest Catholic High School, 3-0. Though this loss wasn't the greatest start for the Spring season, the team has high hopes for the future.

Evan Martinez, a player for Team Alpha, showed an outstanding performance during his match against Putnam Science Academy. He scored many goals and was a great team player. Martinez expressed his satisfaction for his recent performance: "I think I did very well in my match today. My strengths were with positioning and knowing when to go for the ball, and also communications". He also continued to reflect on his weaknesses and skills that he needs to work on: "My weaknesses are in the air. It is hard to keep control in the air rather than all of the other things. I would say to practice more in the air than any other things for now because most of the teams that we go against tend to go in the air more and it's hard to save any types of shots that they're going for". After reflecting on his performance during the match, Martinez also commented on his teammates' performance as well. He believes that his teammates are good at the game, but also have some things to work on: "To be 100% honest my teammates are good at the game, but there are some stuff that they mess up on like going for aerials and committing too much when one of us is going for the ball". Martinez added that he is hopeful that the team's skill will improve as the season progresses: "The more practice and time we put into the game the better we will get so that's what I am hoping for. We are a new team. I just joined this team in the fall so it is harder to play with each other when we all play differently, but what will really help us is communication. Once we can work on that then we will be able to win a lot more games in the future and if we keep on practicing we can maybe have a shot at the state finals". Martinez clearly expressed his optimistic outlook for the future of the team and is excited to see where the team will be headed in the future.

On Thursday, March 3rd, Team Alpha will be playing their second match of the regular season against St. Joseph High School, who also won their first match of the season, 3-0. On Wednesday, March 2nd, Team Bravo will be playing their second match of the regular season against Bloomfield High School. Let's hope that both teams will prevail with a win!

If you are interested in joining the Esports club or have any questions about it, email