Esports Club/Varsity Team: The Details

The EHHS Esports Club/Varsity Team is a team of gamers that compete against other schools through the game, Rocket League. Here, they are in the middle of a match against Shelton High School where they won, 3-1.

Gameplay is projected through an HDMI cable from the monitor to this TV so others are able to watch.

The iPad shown is what the team Is considering using to stream our matches. There is a live Google Meet on the iPad that shows the gameplay. The iPad is pointed at the TV, so participants in the Google Meet can watch.

As of right now, one student, Kayla Deluca, is playing in school and my other teammates play from home. Because it is just one person playing, the club conducts matches in Mr. Adam Gardner's classroom. This is the monitor+computer that the team uses. Players can either play on a console controller (like an Xbox or PlayStation controller) or keyboard and mouse.

Players have to hit the ball into the opponent's net (like real-life soccer) to get a point.

Each match is 5 minutes long. If both teams are tied for goals when the timer runs out, then both teams go into overtime. In overtime, the first team to score a goal wins the game.

When the 3-second countdown is up, players from both teams rush to the ball (which is at the center of the map).

Players should try their best to keep the ball away from their net.

In Rocket League, there is a skill called an "aerial", where you point your car upwards and boost up into the air, making the car "fly" in a way. This skill is a great defensive and offensive tactic.

Check back in the future for more details on how the team is doing!