Equality of Sports at EHHS

Not all sports are made equal. EHHS is not an exception to this rule. Some sports are more popular than others. The EHHS athletic program falls victim and was built in response to these societal inequalities. We don’t often hear about the successes of programs such as the girls swim team, the cross country team, or the golf team. These teams, and these sports overall, are a huge part of EHHS and deserve more attention then they currently receive from the school community.

The goal of the EHHS athletic environment is for athletes to work support and encourage one another, though this has not been demonstrated latel. It is easy to see why the football team gets more attendance than the golf team. It’s time to shine the light on the athletes that give it their all and are not necessarily congratulated for it. It doesn't seem fair to these spectacular athletes that don’t get noticed for putting in their maximum effort day after day, season after season.

Photo Credit: Anthony Verderame via Twitter

The golf and swim teams, in particular, are the most underrated sports at EHHS. Track and field coach, Mr. Martin Dunne, discussed the problem with athletes not being rewarded through the attention of their fellow students. Dunne mentioned that there are certain teams that aren’t naturally going to get huge crowds because they are not fan favorites. “The track team is not going to get a parade or a pep rally; the football team is. That’s just the way it is.” Dunne went on to blame societal standards as a justification as to why athletes for less popular sports don’t get noticed enough. There are sports in the world that are more in public interest than other sports. “There are more visible sports -football by far probably - followed by basketball, I would think, as far as professional and collegiate sports are concerned.” Dunne concluded that there is nothing we can do as a community to change the inequalities; but as students in this school we can individually work to be involved in more sports.

Photo Credit: Anthony Verderame via Twitter

Mr. Rick Narracci coaches the boys basketball team, which is one of the most popular sports teams at EHHS. Basketball dominates when it comes to supporter turnout. Similar to Mr. Dunne, Mr. Narracci believes that societal interests account for the lack of fan support for other athletes. “I would say just the popularity of the sport… More people are apt to watch football: it’s on tv. If you turn on ESPN, all you see is football.” Mr. Narracci did mention that this conflict hits close to home, as he mentioned he has two brothers that are competitive swimmers; he understands the problem with fan interest and societal focus. Narracci explained that the only time competitive swimming is popular is when the Olympics are on television, which is only every four years. Therefore, it’s not very fair to these other athletes.

However, there can be a way to bring all of the sports community together and would be great for the EHHS community as a whole. Our school could even consider holding an Olympic style event every year where all the sports compete, so that every team and athlete get noticed. This would be a great way for EHHS students to support all of their fellow student athletes. I do believe that having this kind of event would be phenomenal for the EHHS and the athletes that participate. This event should dedicate one week to every sports team in the school so that every team gets time in the spotlight.

We must ensure that as a community we are proactive in promoting the various sporting events. Social media should play a huge part in this because it’s now a part of our lives. Every kid is on social media if not a huge percentage so both play a huge part in making this happen. As the EHHS students, we must do our part to make sure that all athletes are equally represented and celebrated.

Photo Credit: Anthony Verderame via Twitter