EHHS Students Welcome Inspiration to Bathrooms

The bathroom walls of EHHS have been plain white for years. EHHS seniors Brianna

Photo Credit: Brianna Vaspasiano

Vaspaiano, Harold Mckinney, Evelyn Naranjo, and Matthew Benoit have seen these blank walls as an opportunity to share inspiration and kindness for their Capstone projects during the fall of 2019. Instead of just adding signs they have taken a different approach: offering an inviting space in an unexpected place, hoping to revitalize the attitudes of all EHHS bathroom users. They started earlier in the semester and are starting to finalize their creations as it comes to an end.

Prior to the murals being painted inside the bathroom, the walls were blank. Senior Victoria Wallace explains how the walls were “boring and dreadful.” These Capstone students planned a meeting with Principal Vincenzo Denuzzo and capstone teacher Juliet Goraieb for approval of this project. Now that the murals have been incorporated into the design some students have expressed how beautiful they believe the murals are and how it is nice to see color on the walls. Senior Alexis Penziwater says, “They are inspiring and give people something to look forward to seeing in the bathroom other than it being a plain bathroom.”

Photo Credit: Matthew Benoit

The purpose of the murals is to give inspiration and a boost of confidence to students. Senior Brianna Vaspasiano hopes to make a difference in the minds of the students at EHHS. She describes “[her] inspiration to do the murals was because [she sees] how girls [and boys] always bring themselves down and how they are insecure and might not think anyone is there for them to get help, so [she] made it so girls [and boys] can get a boost of confidence throughout the day.” Senior Victoria Wallace explains a time when she went into the restroom when she was feeling down. She recalls reading the line “believe in yourself and you can do unbelievable things.” This encouraged Victoria to continue persevering through her personal obstacles.

Senior Mathew Benoit hopes to instill kindness throughout the school. Mathew describes, “[his] plan was to leave kindness messages to hopefully last throughout the rest of the year.” Mathew planned to leave students with kind thoughts after using the restroom. However, due to vandalism, the walls were painted over in the boys' bathroom. This did not come as a surprise to students. Senior Angel Tavarez says, “Overall, they [the murals] would’ve been really nice if people didn’t destroy them.”

The want for kindness and inspiration throughout EHHS is visible through these murals. Next time you’re in the bathroom remember that you are not alone and that there are people who care for your well being.