EHHS Sport Teams During COVID-19

Cross Country

Captain Ian Reynolds, said, “To stay safe for cross country we first get our temperature taken before each practice and meet. Throughout each practice all 10 runners and coach Russell maintain 6 feet apart when stretching and throughout the actual runs. Whenever practice is run in the weight room we all wear masks and wipe down the equipment before and after we use it. On the bus to get to meets all the players wear their mask and go every other seat to do our best to maintain 6 feet apart. Finally, at the meets we wear masks and maintain 6 feet apart at all times except for when we run the races.”

Girl's Soccer

Captain Angelina Nunez, said, “We are taking everyone's temperature daily, we also have the team in cohorts where we wear masks and practice social distancing and the coaching staff cleans and disinfects all the equipment before and after practice and Jason Pierce washes our pennies and uniforms daily. As well as our team wear masks and practice social distancing whenever we can.”

For games: “Every player is temperature checked before we get in the bus. We wear masks and sit on one seat in the bus. We also wear masks on the bench when not in the game and practice social distance. After the game on the bus ride home we are all given hand sanitizer post match and Jason washes out uniforms. We follow all safety practices and COVID guidelines.”

Boy's Soccer

Captain Asa Meyers, said, In order to keep the team safe, there are many different things done. Everyday before we start, our coach takes out temperature and records it. We wear masks when we are not playing and we keep it handy when we are. We each got our own water bottle provided to us so we don’t have to use plastic cups or share water. We socially distance as much as we can and we have games with schools relatively close to minimize the time sat on the bus.”


Captain Alora McCarroll said, “The East Haven Wilbur Cross Swim Team got in the pool a few weeks ago and we’ve been doing everything we can to stay safe. Every girl has to wear a mask while on the pool deck and we stay as far from one another as possible while in the pool. Almost all of our meets are being conducted virtually so there is no contact between us and the other teams, and when we have in-person meets each team stays on one side of the pool and wears their masks.”


Captain Tori Heaphy said, “Volleyball was initially deemed a high risk sport, so it was questionable whether or not our season would happen. After being told that we were able to go forth with our season, our team has been following all of the COVID precautions to ensure that it runs safely and smoothly! Each girl on the team, as well as both coaches, always have a mask on at all times. When we arrive at practice, varsity spreads out their bags on one side of the bleachers, spaced out 6 feet apart, and junior varsity does the same with the other side of the bleachers. When we take water breaks during practice, we go to our distanced spots and drink, ensuring that we are all spaced out. I believe that our team is doing a great job at abiding by COVID precautions, and we intend to keep this up!”


Coach Dunne said, Before practice the trainers take coaches and players temperature, all wear a mask, they are spread out through practice, the equipment is wiped down before and after each use. There have been no issues.

Coach Benoit said, "The fact that we've been out here since August 3rd not knowing if we'll have a season or not, they practice 3 days a week, everyone practices very hard, I respect the kids an awful lot. They've been great. Our five captains are Alex Duarte, Eric Araujo, Trey Garea, David Amatruda, and Lawrence Mingione and they are all good with the younger players and they accept and encourage each and one of them, they understand the program is bigger than themselves. Hopefully we can have a spring season."