EHHS Shows Love by Supporting Fellow Classes in Valentine’s Day Fundraisers

Love is in the air at EHHS with Valentine’s Day grams sold by both the junior and freshman classes just in time to give your significant other's love during the school day. Both classes sold their grams two weeks prior to the holiday to have them be passed out in school.

The class of 2021 had sold red carnations to be passed out during third period on Valentine’s Day. Each carnation was sold at $2 but for $3, you could buy two. Originally, they were planning on selling lollipops, but with the new free lunch program, they had to adhere to certain guidelines against selling sugary desserts in school. The class officers then decided to instead sell carnations. With these flowers, students were able to write personalized notes that were attached to each carnation. The junior class had a very successful fundraiser. Junior class advisor and math teacher Ms. Elizabeth Criscuolo mentioned, “We sold out. We bought 100 carnations so we sold all 100. We at least doubled our money.” Ms. Criscuolo also mentioned that they had to buy four extra carnations which were previously sold before running out. Ms. Criscuolo also

mentioned how big this fundraiser was when she was in school; “When I was in high school we did carnations all the time. Back then it was a huge thing. They had red, white, and pink so if you wanted to buy one for your friend you would buy them a white one and if you were sending one to someone you liked, you would send them a pink one.” Selling these carnations has always been such a big hit when fundraising from then to now. The class of 2021 is also excited to announce that they will be selling green carnations for St. Patrick's Day. The money being raised for the junior class is to help for future expenses with prom and for their senior banquet. If by any chance if you had missed buying carnations this year for Valentine’s Day, they will be doing this fundraiser again next year.

The Class of 2023 sold $1 grams with healthy fruit snacks and personalized notes attached to them for their fundraiser. These grams were passed out on Valentine’s Day during science classes. Freshman class advisor, Mrs. Rebecca Florio, came up with the idea to sell fruit snacks for the holiday. The freshman class focused on helping students show love to others with a little snack to eat while they read their notes. The day before Valentine’s Day, the freshman class officers put together each individual gram and they were then distributed within the classes. Their previous fundraisers included selling candy apples. So far the freshman class has been very successful with fundraising this year! Freshman class advisor and science teacher Mrs. Dianne Ruggiero stated, “We had done a gourmet apple fundraiser around the holidays. They made a couple hundred dollars off of that too which was good. ” The Valentine’s Day fundraiser raised over $100 by itself; “Even though it was mainly just to fundraise money, it was nice to see the messages people were writing to each other.” The class of 2023 isn’t done fundraising just yet! They are currently looking into doing a book drive where they collect books and bring them to The Book Barn, where they would get money in return.

Each class was very successful making Valentine’s Day something significant others can enjoy during school. If you are interested in helping out either the junior or freshman class with fundraising, you can see the class of 2021 advisors Mrs. Picagli and Ms. Criscuolo or the 2023 class advisors Mrs. Ruggerio and Mrs. Florio.