EHHS's Newest Addition: The PFO

On February 28, 2022, the new EHHS parent-faculty organization (PFO) held their first meeting. They held the meeting via zoom face-to-face at EHHS LMS to attempt to get parents more involved in the school to help benefit EHHS students.

Mr. Profetto, EHHS culinary teacher, Mr. Fernandez, EHHS woodworking teacher, and Mrs. Robinson, the EHHS library specialist, formed the organization this year to spread some positive awareness. Ideally, this organization is run by parents who want to keep in touch with their children in collaboration with teachers of the school. Mr. Profetto had the idea when he was in high school at Platt Tech High School, where he was involved in activities and volunteered. He wanted to bring this environment to EHHS, so he talked to his colleagues Mr. Fernandez and Mrs. Robinson in order to come up with an idea from parents on how to make their children more aware in school.

The purpose of forming this organization is to give a better experience for their kids, as well as to assist their students in achieving their goals and to provide a platform for their parents to discuss their children's future goals. This meeting is also for parents and employees who wish to become more involved in the school and share their thoughts on how to help their children get in better shape. Mrs. Ford said, "This is helpful for everyone including the staff, instructors, and children to know what happens [in EHHS]." The PFO will hold a meeting at the end of this month, on March 28th, 2022, at EHHS LMS or via Zoom. A Parent-Faculty Organization (PFO) also typically raises funds from parents and teachers towards EHHS's needs. To get parents and families involved in the school, they set the objective of being positive in the classroom and providing excellent educational opportunities. Although no students attended their first meeting, they are willing to allow kids to participate in future meetings. Seven parents attended the first meeting, mostly via Zoom.

The PFO also wishes to communicate effectively with parents who speak English as a second language. Mr. Profetto had the idea of reaching out to parents who speak English as a second language. Mr. Profetto said, "We want to hold a meeting with parents who speak English as a second language by having translators because some parents require their child to communicate with them or some parents are nervous because they can't understand or speak English fluently."

They want to communicate with all of the parents, teachers, and staff members and share ideas on how to make EHHS an excellent place for their students.