EHHS Loves Mrs. Parisi

Photo credit: Mrs. Parisi

Mrs. Parisi is the digital photography, fashion, and art teacher at EHHS. She has been a teacher here for years and EHHS students love everything she brings to the school, their lives, and every day.

Mrs. Parisi grew up in East Haven in the Momauguin area. She attended school at Momauguin , JMMS, for Freshman year of high school she attended the old East Haven High School, then was transferred to the new building and was the graduating class of 2000. She has always loved drawing, listening to music, and cooking. Now, as an adult, she still likes the same things as she did as a child, she really enjoys skiing in the winter, drawing on her chalkboard. She strives for excellence in her teaching life, but when she's home she raises her two sons.

A day in the life of Mrs. Parisi looks something like this: She wakes up, gets ready for work, she makes sure that her children are ready, she packs her kids bags, goes to work , and at the end of the day picks her kids up from the bus, and starts dinner. Usually there will be some activity like sports practice for kids, and when she's done she does her skin care routine.

Mrs. Parisi started her career path as a teacher because “It encompassed my favorite things: art and young people. Kids always have a fresh perspective and I feel that's what art is about. When you grow up you get stuck and kids are more open minded.” The classes she teaches are Art Foundation, Introduction to Fashion, and Digital Photography 1 and 2. Her personal favorite is chalk pastel drawings, but she still enjoys the other forms of art she teaches.For Mrs. Parisi’s future plans, she wants to teach another fashion course. Future plans in her personal life include, travel with her children and to see the world. Her favorite form of art to teach is photography, “I’ve noticed through the past 3 years I've seen a complete shift in my students' confidence level as the term goes on.”

Outside of school Mrs. Parisi is known for her social media presence. She started a blog in 2011 as well as using Pinterest. She started instagram in 2012, back when instagram started and it was a photo editing app. On her private instagram she posts a lot of beauty tips, style, makeup tutorials, wellness tips, and pretty much has a lifestyle aesthetic. She loves Abby and her aesthetic. She has a school account on Instagram which she uses to brag about her students.. She posts stories daily to keep her followers updated and she feels as if it is more interactive,I like the connection with other people¨. For grid posts she tries to post 1-2 times a week.¨What is Mrs. Parisi´s favorite social media platform?¨ she says ¨depending on the social media platform I Love visual search, I’m a very visual person.¨

Mrs. Parisi has met many people through her career such as students and teachers. One student I met with was Ally Mckinley, she had Ms.Spinelli´s Art foundation class. Ally says he is nice,fun, outgoing, and positive. She makes students feel comfortable and ¨she encourages them and their work." Later on I met with Ms.Spinelli, she said "She's awesome, I would love to work with her more in the future." They worked together on a project for Ms.Parisi´s fashion class. Parisi had her class design bags and Ms.Spinelli had made advertisements for the bags. In the future everyone hopes to see the two working together, but Ms.Parisi has a lot more planned for the next year. Her goal for next year is to write the fashion 2 course. She also wants to get back into the routine of teaching in a non-covid way. Over the next five years, personally she would like to travel with her kids and see the world. She likes where she is at professionally, but she would like another fashion course. Overall Ms. Parisi wants the best for all her students and is an amazing teacher and mentor.