EHHS Hosted the Class M Wrestling Tournament

The Class M Wrestling Tournament took place from February 18th to 19th, 2022 at EHHS. Coaches Tolla and Revillini have been trying to have the tournament here at EHHS for a different variety of reasons including having the tournament at the team's home gym and bringing publicity to EHHS's wrestling program. The team was able to fundraise and bring in money from the concessions as well. For those who don’t know, there are many different classes for wrestling, not just Class M. The classes range from wrestlers’ weight and team sizes, and eventually are going to have to adapt because of all the new upcoming female wrestlers. At the tournament 30 schools were represented and 25 larger teams competed.

Having the tournament at EHHS had many advantages. For instance, the team as well as the school got great publicity, the kids got to wrestle in their home court, and the wrestlers got to fundraise for their team. Coach Tolla says, “By all accounts there were positive reviews, we had some hiccups but nothing major and it was a great positive experience overall.” The team was able to make money through concession stands. The teams set up two concession stands, in the cafeteria and in the lobby. EHHS students volunteered to work in the cafeteria concession stand while parent volunteers worked in the lobby.

In order to set up the day, many people needed to take part in the process to make sure it took place without any issues. The team took time the night before to set up the gym and started to set up other areas around the school. On the day of the tournament the coaches have to not only be with their team getting ready, but also make sure everything is running smoothly. It can become very stressful for the coaches since they are not only focusing on their team, but making sure all other teams are taken care of and provided for.

Each team could enter up to 14 wrestlers because there are only 14 different weight classes and awards range from 1st to 6th place. When competing it’s the wrestler against their opponent and the wrestlers earn points based on advancement. Even if the wrestler doesn't win for their weight class it’s still an amazing way to get experience as a wrestler. “It’s a great way to see how your team and individual wrestlers have progressed throughout the year,” Tolla says. The team has had a total of 135 hours of practice and in their practices they do warm-ups, technical drills, teach new moves, work on live wrestling, and finish fitness. During these practices they also work on their philosophy although it can be different for each player the team philosophy is “want to be aggressive, want to be attacking, focus on being dominant in neutral position or on our feet.” The tournament held here was a success and brought a lot of exposure for our school and our students.