EHHS Girls Soccer Team: Our Next State Champions?

The EHHS Girls Soccer Team has qualified for the State Championship. They have played 16 games in their season. Their current record is 6 wins, 8 losses, and 2 ties. The best game was against West Haven, with a score of 2-0. The girls passed the ball to each other around perfectly, took chances, and defended their goal to the very end. Despite their most recent game against Guilford with a score of 0-1, they played well and only lost by one point.

The hardest game for the team was against Branford High School, East Haven’s biggest rival. Coach Jake Hackett stated, “They [Branford] were very strong and had a lot of strong players.” On their own turf, the EHHS girls kept the game very close, but Branford one step ahead, defeated the girls both times they came face to face. Coach Hackett’s plan for improvement for the team consists of focusing on and perfecting the fundamentals.

Coach Hackett stated “Emily Mazzucco, a senior and player since her freshman year, has been performing top class, is a great leader, and she works hard.” There are many seniors who also contribute to the team including; Anajha Nelson, Emily Pycela, Kate Pycela, Emma Szewc, Jocelyn Lucero, and Alexandra Castro. The girl’s soccer team has 4 captains; Emily Pycela, Anajha Nelson, Emily Mazzucco, and the coach has appointed Kate Pycela as the fourth captain.

The girl soccer team plays a 4-2-3-1 formation, putting more emphasis on attacking players on the wing. However, that formation varies from game to game. The offensive line consists of Emily Pycela who scored 9 goals this year and Gianna Mendez who has scored at least 5 goals, followed by a lot of assists. The team also incorporates Juniors Gabby Gaetano, Gianna Castellano, and Sydney Herald who also have contributed many goals. Jocelyn Lucero who is also on the offensive line, carries the ball around the outside mid to cross it to her teammates. Players who the team can rely on for substitutions are Anajha Nelson, Emma Szewc, and Natalie Brown, jumping right into the game to help their teammates.

For practice, the girls normally do what is called a progression, where they start with a mechanical exercise or they start with a smaller exercise to get a bunch of touches then they move into a slightly bigger exercise with the same kind of concept. They are getting better as a team through bonding experiences and exercises.

They played against Mercy on Wednesday the 18th, West Haven on the 20th, Wilbur Cross on the 23rd, and Hamden on the 25th. Some past events that the Girls have put on include their annual car wash and “The Pink Game.” Coach Jake Hackett says “The Pink Game is very important to us, to me personally. The Pink Game is a big thing because I lost a grandmother to breast cancer.” The soccer team had their senior night Monday the 25th in which they won 6-1.

Coach Hackett encourages all EHHS girls to come join the soccer team, even if they haven’t played soccer before!