EHHS Final Exams Begin Tomorrow, June 15

As the year is reaching its end, students have wondered what classes will be giving final exams. Throughout the year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students were given a choice to learn remotely or in person. Many departments and classes are not giving a typical final exam this year.

Exams serve as a summative assessment for each course. It’s able to measure what students have learned and can do upon completion of the course. Giving the school valuable data that then allows Teachers to make modifications to their curriculum, assessments, and more.

“Social Studies Classes will have a final exam,” says Dr. Joseph Marangell, Social Studies Instructional Leader. Students will be expected to reflect on what they learned in their course. Most of the final exams for social studies will be open-ended. For example, in Dr. Marangell's Modern European History class, students will read an article about the importance of studying history and critique the author’s argument using evidence from course-related materials. Other classes will have exams where students will need to apply their historical-thinking skills, such as analyzing primary sources or making connections across sources.

English classes will not be having any final exams, although students will be working and ending with either an essay or a project. “Since many students are finishing their year remotely, classes were impacted because of the blended learning environment, we decided to spend the remaining time on instruction was a better choice,” says Mrs. Lisa Veleas, English Instructional Leader.

Science classes will not hold final exams. A variety of reasons why a few departments agree on not giving final exams is because students study in person or at home where they are able to have any material at their disposal. Head of the science department, Ms. Maria Pompano says, “We didn't give final exams for half-year courses that met the first half of the year so teachers in half-year courses didn't think it was equitable to give them this half.”

For classes that don’t have final exams, in-person students will still have to attend classes as it will be their final class of the year. Good Luck to everyone who has final exams and have a great summer and to stay safe.