EHHS Dresses Up For Halloween

Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun

On October 31st, EHHS’s administration allowed their students to finally dress up for Halloween. Our Hive leader, Kiara Morales, approached Vincent DeNuzzo, our school’s principal, and asked for permission. Over small deliberation, he agreed and set simple rules for students to follow. He asked that students dress appropriately, steer away from offensive costumes, and avoid any type of gore: simple yet understandable. Mr. DeNuzzo claimed the main reason was due to assigned uniforms which were put into motion in select schools throughout the East Haven school district. It was believed that if one school can’t dress up, none can.

Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun

Two weeks before Halloween, Kiara took the initiative to make this happen. After a short consultation, they came to a final agreement that students should be able to express this type of individuality. Mr. DeNuzzo later stated, “We wanted to create some structure for the day, the last thing we wanted was for someone to take offense to it [the costumes].” The flyer, made by Kiara, helped get the word out about the day and the criteria people needed to know in order to dress up. At the end of the day, it was all meant to help unite EH students and create an atmosphere where students can relate better to the teachers. Mr. DeNuzzo stated that, “Even the kids who didn’t participate, I heard that they liked how the teachers dressed up too… It really showed how we came together as a school.”

Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun

There were a variety of costumes such as clowns, animals, and even hospital patients. The English department dressed up as their favorite characters. Ms. Caturano with her adaptation of Madeline was enjoyed by many. Ms. Williams had commented that, “her costume was creative, elaborate, and spot on… [she] loved it.” Mrs. Gardner also joined by portraying Phineas from A Separate Peace. The math department had dressed as prisoners with Ms. Bauer, the instructional leader, as their officer. The science department dressed as hospital patients.Some even went to the lengths of creating creative costumes such as Ms. Florio as Rosemary’s Baby. She even went to the lengths of having a doll in an incubator that one would usually find in an NICU. The lunch staff participated and brought additional spirit to the day. Four members of the lunch staff dressed as M&M’s helped not only hand out breakfast but you probably saw them in the lunchroom during your lunch waves. Although some made comments about the day needing more notice in advance, students still enjoyed teacher’s costumes such as Ms. D'Amico’s elaborate version of Winifred Sanderson from the cult classic, Hocus Pocus.

Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun

Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun

Alina Tran, Alexis Pendziwater, and the rest of CNA handed out candy grams which friend’s sent out a few days in advance. A week in advance, they sold gift tags at lunch so students could write down their friend’s names and classes. CNA later put together gift bags and then during period two on Halloween, they gave them out in creative ways. Walking through the halls, you saw students using stretchers, wheelchairs, and even crutches as props. All the students had fun with the whole idea of dressing up for the holiday. Throughout the day, I saw people either made up with face paint or dressed as their favorite characters.

Brianna Butler and Ian Loehman as Jughead and Betty Cooper Photo Credit: Brianna Butler

Isabella Ragaini and Eliza Goldberg as Monkey and Stitch Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun

Gianna Appi and Marchella Bailey as Piglett and Tigger Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun

Amy Nieto, Eddie Torres, and Steph Sorrentino as Ed Edd and Eddy Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun

Fabricio Bugatti as Mr. Tolla Photo Credit Sarah Greenspun

Radoslaw Wisniewski as Whizzer Photo Credit Sarah Greenspun

The Seven (Six) Dwarves: Kayla Vernon, Sarah Greenspun, Katherine Garcia, Riya Patel, Andreina Magana, and Alina Tran Photo Credit: Sarah Greenspun