EHHS Drama Club Kicking Off the Season in a New Light

The EHHS Drama Club is gearing up for its annual production, but with a new twist. So far, the club has been participating in-person and via live stream this year. They recently finished their dancing and acting workshops, and are onto the next production. Auditions will be held on March 18th for the Drama Club’s next production. No previous experience is needed to audition! With COVID-19, things have been hard for everyone, especially for a club like Drama Club, which involves close interactions. Club director Ms. Collins said, “Normally we would do a fully staged musical, but right now it’s very difficult to sing with the virus and how it is transmitted. We are doing a straight play, however, and streaming it online as opposed to the live audience. We are hoping to do an outdoor cabaret in the spring with a live audience as well.” Unfortunately due to Covid-19 last year, the production of “Catch Me If You Can” was canceled, leaving drama members without a spring performance. Despite the virus and canceled production, club members are finding a way to make the best out of their situation this time and trying to help others have an enjoyable experience as well. Drama Club President Tyler Vance said: “Because of Covid-19 a lot of sports are restricted, so I think that drama is a safe place where you can explore what you’re interested in and you can meet new people.” Regardless of the current situation and its hardships, the show must go on according to the club’s board of officers. President of the EHHS Drama Club Tyler Vance, Vice-Presidents Adira DeMatteo and Isabella Martindale, Publicity Manager Alora McCarroll, and Dance Captain Bianca Apuzzo have been tirelessly working to help raise awareness about upcoming auditions and club events.

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This year’s production is “CLUE”, a play based on the board game and the 1985 film. Everyone is welcome to audition, in-person and remote learners. Remote learners can attend live rehearsals if they have transportation to and from the high school. According to club directors Ms. Collins and Ms. Boisvert, they are taking the stage production to the big screen through a program called “Broadway On Demand” on May 1st. The play will be filmed with everyone distancing and wearing masks, adhering to the Covid-19 protocols. Rehearsals will be held Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of each week. You can buy online tickets to the event, and can support the club through different fundraisers they will be having. This is a safe and fun way to support your fellow classmates as well as the club as a whole. According to Vance, he says the goal of the drama club is “to create a community that genuinely cares about each other and to keep building. We are still somewhat in the rudimentary stages of our club and we are working on putting ourselves out there to the community. Our main goal is to keep building on what we have and to get the word out to the community. Come watch the show!” The drama club has produced memorable productions throughout the years including Big Fish, James and the Giant Peach, Little Women, and The Wizard of Oz, with many more to come in the future. You don’t just have to be an actor to get involved either. There’s also a crew that consists of building sets, making props, working on lighting, and ensuring everything goes smoothly behind the scenes. If you’re good with art and building, this is definitely a place for you. The Drama Club has something for everyone throughout its programs. It is a fun, safe, and inclusive environment that anyone can thrive in, so do yourself a favor and check it out!

Photo Credit: Drama Club Instagram

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