EHHS Clubs Next Steps

Due to the complications of COVID-19 it has been difficult for EHHS Clubs to continue and follow their regular schedules, but EHHS teachers and students have been doing their best to continue, whether virtual or in-person. The Yearbook, Creative, Drama, Esports, Media, and Art Clubs have all been affected by COVID-19 restrictions, but have done a great job coming up with solutions to still run the club.

Yearbook Club

The Yearbook Club designs and creates the yearbook each year. They decide on its content, its look, and we put it all together. Mrs. Lisa Gardner says the yearbook is a great club to join because it’s a great way to have an impact on our school and the students since most people buy at least one yearbook in their high school career.

The Yearbook Club advisors are Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Lindsay Wright. Senior, Naiiya Patel, is the editor-in-chief along with two other members, Doreen Alberino and Stephania Korenovsky. The club currently has 10-15 members and new members are always welcomed! The meetings are every Monday at 2:30 p.m via Google Meet.

Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Wright said as a result of COVID-19 the Yearbook had to “change almost all of their layouts, meetings moved to remote, relying on students to send us more photos.” Mrs. Gardner continued,“ We will be limited in pictures of the normal school activities since many things are cancelled or up in the air. But we have some great ideas on how to still get students into the yearbook in creative ways.”

Students can join at any time and should email Mrs. Gardner or Mrs. Wright for the Google Classroom login information.

Creative Club

The Creative Club offers a chance for students to express their creativity in numerous ways. For the past few years, the club has decided to explore tabletop roleplaying as a creative outlet. Mr. Doug Gardner, the advisor, suggests that students should join the club if they are looking for a safe place to explore their creativity and, currently, tabletop roleplaying.

There are currently 9 students involved. The club runs both in-person and virtual for students to attend on Mondays from 2-2:30 p.m in E110 or through google meets. The focus of this club is dictated by the students members.

In the past, the club has participated in NanoWriMo, produced creative magazines, established social media installations, and worked with the Media Club to create student films. Currently, the club is enjoying the exploration of tabletop role playing through Dungeons & Dragons.

Mr. Gardner says that they are running the club sessions with some students remoting and others in person due to lack of late busses. This is particularly difficult for EHHS students, since the late bus was one of the only forms of transportation for many students to be able to stay after school. The late buses have been suspended this year as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. This greatly limits the number of students who are able to participate.

For further information or any questions feel free to contact Mr. D. Gardner:

Drama Club

The EHHS Drama Club is a performing arts group for both students interested in being on stage and backstage to perform a fully staged musical. If you have an interest in acting, singing, dancing, lighting, carpentry, art, fashion design, or interior design, there is a spot for you with or without experience! Advisor, Ms. Kari Collins says that students should consider joining the Drama Club because theater is a great way to build community, confidence, and express yourself.

The Drama Club advisors are Ms. Kari Collins and Ms. Leann Boisvert. The current Vice President of the club is senior, Tyler Vance, with an enrollment of thirty students. They hope to get more students involved this year. The first meeting date will occur in January 2021 in the EHHS auditorium.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they were unable to rehearse and perform the production of the musical Catch Me If You Can in March when EHPS switched to distance learning. They had to postpone the production. Therefore, The Drama Club is hoping to produce Catch Me If You Can later this year.

Anyone interested in joining should see Ms. Collins or Ms. Boisvert or join the Google Classroom with the code: chig4mn

Esports League

Esports League Club is a competitive gaming club that promotes positive conduct and sportsmanship. Advisor, Mr. Adam Gardner says the club is involved with a CIAC approved platform that has several game options. EHHS participates in the game, Rocket League. Before COVID-19 they competed against other CT high schools. Mr. Gardner also suggests that students should join the Esports League because it gives an opportunity of being an ongoing and open enrollment. If there is enough interest and talent, students can be eligible to compete against other schools in CT.

The Esports League advisor is Mr. Adam Gardner and the President/leader of the club is Gabe Piscitelli. There are currently 12-15 students who are a part of the club. Their meetings are a blend of both in-person and virtual on Wednesdays. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the competition season has been postponed until the spring season.

Photo courtesy of Mr. A. Gardner

Due to the new COVID-19 restrictions of Covid the team is meeting less often. They need to adhere to new safety policies and procedures and they are seeing the same concerns with a lack of late busses. Mr. Gardner stated that freshmen will be involved in-person and upperclassmen will be virtual.

For further information or any questions feel free to contact Mr. A. Gardner:

Art Club

The Art Club is a fun place to make art with other artists. The students learn how to create fun works of art that express their different interests. Mrs. Sara Cooper says that students should join this club because it is a fun way to make art with your friends.

The advisors of the Art Club are Mrs. S. Cooper, Mrs. M. Parisi, and Mr. M. Stevens. There are currently no students involved and they are recruiting new members after their members graduated. The first meeting will be Monday November 16th at 2:00pm in E007 or Google Classroom (meet) code: ptfcerc. The club will meet in person and online.

If interested in joining the Art Club you may contact Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Parisi and Mr. Stevens.

Media Club

The Media Club is a place where the EHHS students can use technology to explore their creativity. Students can use the time to get hands-on experience with the film equipment, learn new/different programs or further their knowledge. Multiple projects can be occurring at the same time. The club works together to create videos and media projects for the school, and they hope to start creating short films for festivals. Ms. Jess Spinelli says, “Students should join if they have any interest in film, video or media, and if they are looking for a place to explore their creative side, with no judgement or pressure.”

The advisors of the Media Club are Ms. Spinelli & Mr. Becker and the club is driven by student interest. Last year there were about 12 students involved in the club and they are hoping to get more this year! Once the club begins they will meet on Wednesdays in S008 - but this year may be virtual.

Ms. Spinelli says, “We have put off meeting virtually because it is a very hands on type of club, as students use equipment and the programs on the school Macs. We have started to gauge interest in meeting once a month and the rest virtually.”

For any further information on the Media Club you may contact Ms. Spinelli;

Although these EHHS Clubs have been affected through different ways they have not given up and continue to keep the clubs running whether it is virtual or in-person. The Yearbook, Creative, Drama, ESports, Media, and Art Clubs continue to work hard to make the experience better for all students and teachers that are involved or will be involved even through the complications of COVID-19.