EHHS Celebrates Their Top 10 Scholars of 2022

With the 2021-2022 EHHS school year coming to an end, the Class of 2022 is celebrating as well as wrapping up their accomplishments and goals to finish strongly in the last few weeks of their high school career. On Friday, June 3rd 2022, starting at 8:30 am, the top 10 high-ranked senior students had a celebration breakfast given by EHHS and the East Haven Board of Education to celebrate their accomplishments.

The Top 10 Scholars Breakfast started 5 years ago in 2017. The top ten ranked scholars of the Senior class attend it. Students are allowed to bring two guests and a faculty member. Mr. DeNuzzo states the tradition “seemed like a nice thing to do in the morning for students to enjoy.” The process is that students can give a motivational speech about how important this is to them and the teacher they invited on how they are motivated and benefit them in any way. Senior, Emma Szwec stated, “I decided to invite my parents and Ms. Caturano, who I had for Freshman English as well as Newspaper Workshop. Ms. Caturano really helped me recognize the importance of writing and I appreciate her for that. She also treated me as my own person instead of constantly making comparisons to my sibling-like a lot of teachers tend to do, which I'm really grateful for.”

The program for the breakfast

The breakfast is an important event at EHHS for everyone, the Superintendent, the Board Of Education, the Mayor, and Administrators are all invited to watch and witness an event like this. There is also no price or fee, the school and the Board of Education completely cover everything. The Sodexo Food Company provided the food. There are also other rewards that EHHS gives out to their seniors. They have academic rewards and scores, scholarship nights and the awards are by outside organizations.

The breakfast foods

The top 10 (in ranking order) include Derek Coady, Isabella Martindale, Jake Esposito, Justin Thompson, Peter Le, Emma Szewc, Ryan Sieng, Herikumar Patel, Emily, Mazzucco, and Pavlo Melnyk. Another student who was nominated for Top 10 Scholars Breakfast, Justin Thompson talks about his achievement“I was really happy to get called down by the office and find out that I got invited to this breakfast. I knew it was coming up soon and was hoping I'd get the notification, so I felt a sense of pride in knowing my hard work has led to me being able to come to this” he said.

Valedictorian, Derek Coady, with his faculty member, Mrs. Gayle Tracey. Photo Credit: Mrs. Maria Pompano

With the end of the 2021-2022 school year, Seniors are doing their best to finish their last year strong. With these rewards, they are also creating memories. EHHS supports each student's academic and personal growth, as well as gives students memories and recognition for their accomplishments. With the Top 10, EHHS provides growth and motivation to underclassmen who would like to be rewarded and appreciated. Thanks and congratulations to the class of 2022!