EHHS Celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is an important time to show teachers their value and impact. Teacher Appreciation Week is in the first week of May every year. The school administration is in charge of the planning and celebration for their district, with help from parents and local businesses.

During the extra 30 minutes, students were encouraged to write or email a teacher of their choice saying whatever they felt needed. Mr. Callahan, EHHS Biology teacher, says “It's important because we as teachers do our job never expecting to get any words of appreciation, so it's really something to hear what kind of an impact I had on students.”The administrators at EHHS had something special planned for teachers each day of the week. Monday was a different drink float station and they stocked the fridge with soda. Tuesday instead of a faculty meeting, teachers were surprised with an ice cream station and no meeting, and Wednesday there was some leftover ice cream. Thursday, Petinito’s Bakery donated a cake and on Friday teachers could go down and eat in Cafe Maestro.

Teachers have always been a crucial part of the world, more now than ever because of COVID. Teachers are working everyday to provide for students and build a safe space for them to come into. “I want to make my students feel safe, like I did when I was in school,” Ms. Chilone says.