EHHS Bulletin Boards are a Bore

Throughout EHHS, there are many empty, outdated bulletin boards along the halls and even inside of classrooms. Many of

these boards are empty. These outdated bulletin boards create a gloomy image for the school, when they could be used to create a welcoming atmosphere and boost school morale. Principal Mr. DeNuzzo agrees, saying he previously has identified this as a problem. He says, “The students in the leadership council that was created last year identified it as a concern because they saw it as something that didn’t create an inviting school environment or promote communication of things.” There are solutions being offered in order to correct this problem, such as assigning a bulletin board to certain clubs, departments, or students that want to get involved. When asked who would be able to use these bulletin boards, Mr. DeNuzzo says, “The who’s able to, the answer to that is anybody. I’ve had clubs come up and teacher’s for example say, ‘I noticed that that bulletin board is empty, can I use it’”. He gives the example of the school based health clinic using the bulletin boards to put up information about art therapy, and even the Fair Haven Health Clinic putting up useful information about Covid-19. Mr. DeNuzzo even had the idea to change bulletin boards periodically to fit monthly celebrations such as Women's History Month and Black History Month in order to promote diversity in EHHS.

Teachers have also noticed the lack of decoration and info offered with these boards and have a variety of ideas to help. Science teachers Miss Riccio and Mr. Callahan have ideas on how EHHS students can utilize the bulletin boards not only to get information out to the students and staff, but to decorate our school as well. Both Miss Riccio and Mr. Callahan noticed the lack of color in the hallways and suggested adding pops of color with posters, murals, and other decorations on the bulletin boards. When asked what they would like to see, Mr. Callahan suggested encouraging or motivating content to support EHHS students. Miss Riccio would also like to see more content on what is being done in classes, projects going on, what clubs are working on, and showing overall pride for our students.

The goal is for students to be involved in updating specific bulletin boards, the main idea is to have specific bulletin boards showcasing specific clubs. Raising school spirit with the boards is a main goal of staff and students alike. Mr. DeNuzzo mentions having pictures of clubs in action, as well as club promotion to get more students involved in school activities. He says, “Upstairs Miss Martin has the HOSA bulletin boards and she promotes student work, she promotes club information, sometimes it’s just informational, so if you have a club that is for example, an environmental club, they’d be promoting what the club does or what the club’s mission is”. Mr. DeNuzzo isn’t the only one who wants to see our school image improve. Improving the climate of EHHS is something administrators are focusing on, as told by Assistant Principal Mr. Russell. Mr. Russell would like bulletin boards to be used in a variety of ways. He says he would like student voices to be heard, thus presenting the idea of the “Student Climate Advisory Committee”, a committee designed to give students a voice and discuss topics related to school culture and climate. The committee will focus on reviewing the School Improvement Plan and helping to implement strategies in order to improve our climate and culture in the building. Mr. Russel says he would like to begin this committee’s work in October 2021 and make it available for any students interested in joining. This committee is a great way for the student body to get involved, while also personalizing their school and improving the school’s image.