EH Food Pantry Changes & Donation Needs

The food pantry remains open at this time.  Their normal business hours are Tues. & Thurs. 9-11 and Sat. 10-12.

They have implemented the "drive-thru" process where people needing supplemental food can visit the food pantry and receive pre-made grocery bags.  People can drive up in their car and our volunteers will put the pre-made grocery bags in their cars. They are also giving out kid-friendly bags of food, similar to the bags the students receive through their backpack program. The pantry is always in need of canned soup, canned vegetables, mac & cheese, pasta, cold cereal, peanut butter, jelly, and tuna.  These are the staples they try to keep stocked in our pantry.  The pantry runs strictly on food and monetary donations and they rely heavily on the community for help. The pantry is run by volunteers and with the monetary donations volunteers will go to local grocery stores such as Stop & Shop, Shop Rite, Aldi and T&J to purchase food to stock the shelves.