East Haven’s New Golf Coach: Ricky Narracci

Following the retirement of Coach David Augustine, Mr. Ricky Narracci will be East Haven’s new golf coach in the upcoming 2020 spring season. Coach Narracci will be our third ever golf coach after Coach Frank Crisafi and Coach Augustine.

Coach Augustine retired after the 2019 golf season came to a close. He was the coach of EHHS’s golf team for 42 seasons. Soon after, Mr. Narracci began the interview process. The steps it took to become the golf coach included an application and an interview with EHHS principal, Mr. Vincent DeNuzzo, and athletic director, Mr. Anthony Verderame. Mr. Narracci has always had an interest in the sport, and he previously helped the team by filling in for Coach Augustine when he had knee surgery.

Credit: Laurie Moscato

Coach Narracci will be getting a fresh look on the players. He will be going into the upcoming season unaware of the players’ abilities; this may lead to changes in the previous lineup. However, Coach Narracci does not plan on changing the way the players have been taught in the past. He shares, “Every coach has a different approach, different personalities, different relationships with kids. As far as teaching the fundamentals and how to play the game the right way, by the rules, our philosophies in that way will be the same.” Coach Narracci understands that his style of teaching and coaching will differ from Coach Augustine’s; however, what was previously being taught to the kids will continue. Coach Narracci also stated that the golf team will continue playing and practicing at Alling Memorial Golf Course in New Haven.

Coach Narracci does not plan on making any changes to the facilities, but he will be utilizing his contacts to help further the education of the players. Someone Coach Narracci plans to work with is EHHS’s psychology teacher, Mr. Mark Tolla. He worked with Coach Augustine for the past few years. He attended practices to golf alongside the kids and helped with basic skills. This year, Mr. Tolla plans to continue doing whatever is needed to help the program.

Mr. Narracci is known for being a student of the game, a hard worker, and someone with a level of high expertise - all aspects that will help strengthen the East Haven golf team this season.

If you are interested in joining, check the signup sheet in the athletic hallway or contact Coach Narracci.