East Haven Hunts for Easter 2022

The Easter Egg Hunt on the East Haven Green on Sunday April 10th, 2022, was a community-wide event to kick off the celebration of Easter. There were different age groups, free raffles, a DJ, pictures with the Easter Bunny, and many other prizes. This was the first egg hunt held on the East Haven Town Green and had a great turnout, with over 800 people attending.

Photo Credit: Madelyn Camera

This was the first year Mrs. Liz Franco-Spano, the newly appointed EH Recreation Department Director, ran the event. Her goal was for friends and families to socialize and have fun. Mrs. Franco-Spano said, “I want families to know we will be having several events like this throughout the year and I am happy to hear suggestions for the future.” The kids who came to the green and participated were extremely excited, since for some this was their first Easter Egg Hunt. Since COVID-19 has limited being in close proximity to others, town-wide Easter Egg hunts haven’t been able to happen in the past 3 years. “These events are a great way for the community to get together and it's a great way for kids to socialize with their friends”, said parent Mike Schurbeis, who brought his child to the event.

Mrs. Franco-Spano ran this event with the help of volunteers from the Mayor's Office and from the community. The Public Works Department played a huge role in helping to set up the Green. it took about 2 hours to be completely set up. The age groups had staked out areas and were additionally taped off to make sure there were separate areas for each group.

Tables were set up for prizes and the raffle, as well as an area with a special backdrop was put up for the Easter Bunny pictures.

The Egg Hunt was advertised through East Haven Facebook pages, social media outlets, and through school fliers. The Easter Egg Hunt was mostly spread by word-of-mouth however, with friends and families telling their children all about it. . Although the Egg Hunt was the main focus, Align, a new and popular health drink business in East Haven was there offering free drinks to kids along with other local businesses chipping in. It was their way of giving back to the community and helping kids have a somewhat normal Easter despite COVID-19 conditions. We hope more of the community can participate in the Easter Egg Hunt next year.