East Haven Buzzing in a New Sports Team

This year EHHS has a new co-op lacrosse team with Branford. EHHS has been trying to get a lacrosse team for six years but never had enough people sign up to play. We have tried to co-op with towns around us like Branford, North Branford, and North Haven, but they all had full teams. Finally, this year EHHS has a boys' lacrosse team because Branford High School didn’t have enough players to have their own team.

The lacrosse team will be accepting any new players that would like to play. As head coach of the co-op team, Jim May stated “We will teach all new players how to play the game. Our team takes great pride in never quitting or giving up and always finding a way to play our best- whether we are experienced or not.” Although being rivals with Branford in all sports at EHHS like soccer, cheerleading and especially football at the thanksgiving day game every year, both the coaches and boys on the team are excited for the co-op season ahead.

What is Lacrosse?

The boys will be practicing at Branford High School on their football field and all lacrosse games will be played on a field similar to that. Lacrosse is played with a hard rubber ball, just smaller than a baseball, that the players have to shoot into the goal using their lacrosse stick. The game includes 10 players from the team on the field at all times; 1 goalie, 3 defensemen with long lacrosse sticks, 3 midfielders who run up and down the field to help advance the ball or protect their goal, and 3 attack players who play offense. The game consists of four 12 minute quarters that are each started with a face-off of two midfielders who try to possess the ball. The objective of the game is to score the most goals and each goal is 1 point.

Jim May stated, “The players I feel are similar in their abilities of having great pride, toughness, persistence, discipline, and loyalty to the team. The co-op lacrosse program is a great opportunity for both schools to work together to be the best they can be both on and off the field.”