Donald Trump Eliminates Iranian Commander

On January 3rd 2020, the assassination of the Iranian Commander, Quasm Soleimani was reported on multiple news platforms. President Donald Trump decided to order a U.S. airstrike on Iran, killing Soleimani. The reasoning behind the assassination was to stop the threats that Soleimani made to attack the US as a warning. The relations between Iran and the United States have become worse since their were previous situations with Iran causing harm to America and now this current problem caused relations to become fragile.

Then, on Tuesday, January 7th, Iran decided to send a missile to the U.S. to retaliate. EHHS history teacher Mr. Adam Gardner says, “My initial concern was what this means as a global impact: how other countries view us around the world, and how they perceive us as an ally or enemy.” The dispute between the two countries caused Trump to make this risky move to attack Iran which made Americans panic and realize how serious this situation was for the U.S. This encounter with Iran could have been the start of World War 3. Mr. Gardner says, “I don't believe we’re headed towards WW3, I think we're so past the point of being globally connected, whether it's through economy or political needs and aspirations, I think WW3 is off the table.” During President Donald Trump’s speech on the assassination of Quasm Soleimani he stated, “What the United States did yesterday should have been done a long ago, a lot of lives would have been saved [...] we took action last night to stop a war we did not take action to start a war.” Trump’s decision to send an airstrike was what he thought was the best choice for America as a whole which showed Iran that the U.S. will fight back. According to EHHS History teacher Mr. Hegener, “ I would argue that there are more peaceful ways to go about business, but I am aware that he was aligned with terrorist forces that we are dealing with, I feel like an agreement could be struck instead but I was not apart of the meeting decided to attack and kill him.” As World War 3 becomes a trending topic, teens are taking advantage of this occurrence and creating memes - are humorous photos or videos that focus on a trending topic - to make things not as serious. These are coming up on all social media platforms it gets people involved in situations with the U.S. Aside from all the memes, Trump has made this decision to protect the citizens of America from future harm or destruction. While time passes by there will be more updates on this situation.