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Three talented directors showcase the shared struggles of isolation through the beginning of the pandemic. In the Netflix original show, Social Distance, each of the eight episodes include versatile individuals, families and their independent struggles plus how they cope with the stress of being quarantined. From essential workers to teenagers, single adults and families, this show released on Oct. 15, 2020 is a must watch.

Over the duration of the first episode, a single mother’s career at a nursing home is put in jeopardy when she has to decide whether to stay home with her daughter or continue working and leave her daughter at home alone. This mother puts audio enabled cameras in her apartment to be able to watch over her daughter as a temporary solution, but soon runs into an obstacle when her employer requires her to live in the nursing home for a week in order to maintain her job. Alongside this single mother, a college professor struggles with balancing her personal life and keeping her students engaged over virtual class. This episode is an engaging and relatable start to the series because it helps the viewer better understand other perspectives and what is to come later on in the show.

Aside from these two essential workers, an ER nurse begins to argue with her husband when he deems it unsafe for his wife to be in the house with him. She becomes aggravated because it is an added stress on top of trying to support herself and other healthcare workers. While this married couple is struggling, a mother gets the virus, and the father is left to care for their son while keeping him out of the mother’s room, so he does not get the virus himself. The mother also becomes very sick, but refuses to seek medical attention. The father turns to his sister for advice and comfort, similar to how we all look for comfort from our loved ones while being isolated.

For a further look and understanding on how so many people coped and strived through quarantine, give the Social Distance show on Netflix a look. This show is a quick watch for a short day of binging.