Decorating EHHS: The What, Why, and How of Senior Lockers

The senior athletes at EHHS have had a locker decorating tradition for as long as many can remember, but not many people know the lengthy process that goes into locker decorating. The decorating tradition started with just the football team, but eventually all of the teams adopted this tradition as a way to celebrate seniors and their athletic careers. This tradition has become very important at EHHS because it’s another way to invoke school spirit and promote the sports events. “The lockers are a great way to motivate athletes and non athletes students to come to the games” Anthony Perotti, freshman football coach, says.

After the season is over the lockers just sit there until the end of the year and then once the year is over the seniors are allowed to take whatever they want from or off of the locker. Not all of the seniors do this and whatever is left on the lockers is the custodians job to clean. EHPS Athletic Director, Mr. Anthony Verderame says, “Yes it should be the seniors' job. It’s not fair to put additional work on our staff who have already worked so hard.” While he believes the seniors should clean their own lockers the cheerleaders and pom girls thought the seniors shouldn’t have to clean their lockers.

There is a long process that goes into decorating the lockers:

  1. Being assigned or picking the senior

  2. They will then talk to their senior about what color, theme, snacks, pictures, etc. to make it completely custom to the senior

  3. Go to a craft store to get vinyl, letter’s, poster boards, stickers, etc

  4. Get snacks/get pictures

  5. Get a set time and date to start decorating (normally the night before senior night)

  6. Normally put different snacks or whatever the senior prefers but because of Covid not allowed to do that anymore

Tips/ Tricks for Decorating

  • Use a credit/gift card to smooth out the bubbles on vinyl

  • Have everything planned out ahead of time

  • Assign each decorator a job to make it get done faster

Almost every team decorates lockers and because the decorators are so generous and want to give their seniors the best locker they can, it is very costly. Between supplies and snacks the cost can be estimated around 50-150 dollars and that is the decorators own money. Some of the teams also do additional stuff like baskets and posters, which can be a great alternative and less expensive way to celebrate the seniors. This tradition is a great addition to our school spirit and a great way to show how much the seniors mean to their teams. Whenever you're in the hall don’t forget to look at some of the well designed lockers.