Dear Randolph 10 January 2020

​I’ve liked my best friend for a while now and I don’t know if they like me back. What signs do guys give when they like a girl?

Hey there, liking your friend is always a tough situation. If I’m being honest, I’ve been in that situation many times throughout high school. It is always hard to decide whether you should or shouldn’t pursue something like that. Personally, the many times this has happened to me, I have always decided not to pursue the relationship further and just stayed as friends. However saying you are a senior, I would definitely say it would be a 50/50. It’s your last year, grow the guts that you never had. I would say a guy personally likes you when they just seemed interested in you; if they decide to text you randomly during the day, or if they are more interested in hanging out with you. Keep in mind, every guy is subjective to how they know they like a girl. Some guys like joking around, and some like complimenting, but once again them showing an increase in interest is always a nice sign that you two are onto a further relationship.