Dear Nemo 30 April 2020

Howdy, I know we have no school for a few weeks [More time to watch videos of The Count] but I got a question. You see, I don't really fit in that well in school. You're probably asking why, and the simple answer is I'm genderfluid. The more complicated answer is not only does my gender identity vary over periods of time, I'm also quite anti-social and have some big anxiety. So, do you have possibly have any advice on how to blend in more and have some friends (and before you say go to sporting events, I'm not a sports person and I possibly got in a big fight on insta with the tennis team all cause i said i don't like sports and everyone just went at me and started insulting and mocking me) Thanks :)

Hello, thank you for sharing something so deep and meaningful; also something I can relate to a lot. I want to first start off by saying that high school itself is a huge change in our young lives, and I personally believe this is the time to find yourself and your meaning in this chaotic world. Friends are so important during this time; they can help you learn more about yourself or teach you valuable life-long lessons. Meeting people can be hard, but another difficult part is learning to pick the people you want to keep in your circle. Finding a circle or group to fit in never works, you’ll usually end up being unhappy or changing yourself to fit in. The key is to not change yourself, be your amazing self and eventually you’ll attract those who accept and respect who you are. Those who don’t are basically irrelevant to your life, focus on those who can help you grow into what you wanna be. I know myself that anxiety and being diverse can make you stand out, maybe feel alone, but we are so young and the world is huge with so many people to meet. You just have to love yourself, be confident with who you are and sooner or later you’ll attract life long friends. It might be hard now because everyone is so isolated, but this can be time to focus on yourself then when you’re ready be a little bold, reach out to the people who are sending good vibes. The internet and social media outlets are also a great way to meet people, but you have to be careful! I hope I answered your question correctly and that you took something from it, but remember be yourself!!!

  • Nemo