Dear Nemo 17 April 2020

Dear Nemo,

How should I decide if I should go straight into college after high school?

I suggest an easy way to look at the bigger picture would be making a pro vs con list. Took at both the advantages and disadvantages of either going right to college, taking a year off, or even not going. I also recommend really looking into what you, personally, want to do. The important thing is to evaluate each option, and look at what can benefit you the most, and what will you be the happiest doing? If you’re someone who’s unprepared for college, taking a year off to figure it out can be very helpful and less stress filled. Doing research on things such as college tours, expectations, and tuition can also be helpful when deciding. Overall just remember you’re young and still have time to decide; college has many benefits such as meeting new people, being independent, education leads to a job, and it can even be a fresh slate to start with. Hopefully this was helpful, and just do what your heart wants it makes everything easier when deciding! - Nemo