Dear Nemo 10 February 2020

Dear Nemo, My boyfriend and I have been fighting a lot. like a lot. We only get along when we go out to eat. What should we do to restore our relationship?

Fighting with your spouse can be very frustrating and mentally draining, especially if it happens a lot. The best advice I can give to you is to find a deeper understanding of one another in order to avoid these fights. They could be starting over something little and then escalating; but with the right communication with your partner (NOT over text!!), the littlest misunderstandings can be talked out by calmly telling your opinion, while also listening to your partner and trying to understand their side too. Putting yourself in other's shoes really does work! Another big thing that could be missing is a compromise. In my past experiences, a lot of spousal fights start from two individuals who can’t agree with each other. Listen to another and come to a general consensus that makes both of you happy. Lastly, I advise that you and your partner go out to eat and maybe discuss this topic. Talk about the problem and come to a resolution that both of you can work on. Showing effort and giving effort from both sides is key to a successful relationship. Best of luck! Dating is hard at this age because of the different maturity levels, so just remember if nothing changes and you find yourself unhappy then it’s probably best you work on yourself instead. Self-love is also key!! -Nemo