Dear Luna 30 April 2021

Dear Luna,

I’m struggling with revenge bedtime procrastination where I stay up just to have more time to myself. Sometimes I would stay up at 5am. What should I do to fix this procrastination? send help

Hi, thank you for coming to me. It’s understandable that you want to spend more time with yourself, but sleep is important too! Having piles of homework is not the vibe, since it does take up most of your day (I’d understand because I’m a dog). However, this is what I think you should do: plan your days ahead. Figure out a day where you have enough time for self care. That might sound so cliche and obvious, but it helps. I suggest taking breaks in between work to do whatever you want as well. Oh, and also start looking forward to your dreams! That’s what I do when I’m bored because dreams can be absolutely crazy. I had a dream where I got captured by those darn cats, and the most handsome dog I’ve ever seen came to my rescue. See, you can even do things in your sleep! But if you don’t have dreams, remember that you should value sleep just as much as you value your alone time. Sleep is important, especially for you humans. It might be hard to change your sleep schedule immediately, but I believe you can do it. You got this, human!! And remember to sleep or else I’ll go to your front lawn and bark every single night! Maybe that’ll get you to be annoyed and start sleeping.