Dear Bruce 4 March 2020

Dear Bruce,

I was recently in a Geometry class and my teacher didn't show up for 15 minutes. I went to see what was happening, asked a teacher in the hall and he called the office to get a sub. He also stated his thought that the 15 minute rule was fake. Does it exist at EHHS, or is it a myth?

The fifteen minute rule was something that I discovered freshman year. I do not remember how I learned about it, but it has stuck with me ever since. Before this year, every time a teacher has not been in the room there was always a whisper about the fifteen minute rule. However, in the rare case that the teacher did not show up in fifteen minutes, I have never seen a student walk out of the class. The origin of the fifteen minute rule is unknown, but it continues to get passed down the grade levels. Although I do not think it should be a rule due to safety reasons, the myth in some ways instills hope in students that they will be getting out of class. -Brucie