Dear Bruce 17 April 2020

Dear Bruce, How are students motivating themselves to do school work during quarantine?

There are many different ways students are motivating themselves to do work during quarantine, however, there may be extra challenges as a senior. Senioritis has proven to be a real thing to my fellow seniors and I, after getting into college there is an urge to not do any more school work because everything seems to be complete, however, that is not the case. Online school can cause the same senioritis problem for students in any grade. A good motivation to get your work done is to think about how your future will be affected if you decide to slack off. It is proving to be difficult to sit down and do the school work at home because there are various distractions and no teachers present to keep you on task. Motivation comes from various sources for different people, thinking about what you love and how slacking off will affect you in the long run and alter your success is a great way to keep yourself on task and focused. - Bruce