Dear Bruce 10 February 2020

Dear Bruce, Is a senior year full of AP and honors classes hard to manage? How can someone manage that and work?

As you can imagine, yes, a year full of AP and honors classes is hard to manage. Adding the challenge of making it to graduation causes the year to become more stressful. As a graduating senior with a job, playing a sport, and a year full of AP and honors classes, I can tell you that it is difficult, yet not impossible. If you apply yourself to all of your work and give it your best effort, you will be okay. To uphold good grades you must be motivated to do your work throughout the entire year. Due to the difficulty of the class, slacking on some assignments may have a substantial effect on your grade. It will also be easier to manage if you have been taking honors and AP classes since freshman year. However, if you are dedicated it is not impossible if it is your first year taking honors classes, you just need to make sure to do all of your work and pay attention in class. What I can also tell you is that senioritis is a real thing, even for the most dedicated students. As the year progresses and you get closer and closer to graduation, your work drive diminishes, especially after you get accepted into college. However, taking the harder classes senior year will help you be better prepared for college, allowing you to greater develop your time management skills.- Brucie