David Dobrik’s Rise to Mainstream Media

David Dobrik is a popular Youtuber known for his vlogs. Born in Slovakia, David has made a name for himself here in America. He uploads vlogs two times a week and has 14.4 million subscribers.

David started gaining popularity on Vine in 2013. Vine was a very popular social media platform where users uploaded comical six-second videos. Dobrik’s most viewed Vine, had 38.2 million views and 245.9k re-Vines after it was posted in 2015. Countless other Vines of his received millions of views as well. Dobrik posted Vines regularly until 2015.

At the beginning of 2015, David Dobrik began his YouTubeYouTube channel. He has been on YouTube for four years now, and he continues to release content similar to that of when he first began posting. It is important to note that all of his videos are 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. At the beginning of each video, it states what number vlog it is. It was David’s goal to make 420 vlogs, each one spanning 4 minutes and 20 seconds; when Dobrik accomplishes this goal, he plans to leave YouTube to pursue other opportunities. In an interview with a New York Magazine, GQ, Dobrik stated, “I came from vine, and every vine is six seconds long. So, I kind of adopted that and I wanted something short that people could watch quicky and not have to spend 10 or 12 minutes watching”. On April 20, 2018, he posted his four hundred and twentieth vlog, which received 13 million views. However, he decided he wanted to stay on YouTubeYouTube and continue vlogging. He also has a second channel called, “David Dobrik Too,” which has 6.45 million subscribers; on this channel, he posts outtakes from vlogs on his main channel.

The segments David Dobrik puts in his vlogs make them very special; each one brings something new. Many of his vlogs include doing nice things for people; some in the past have been for his friends, strangers, and college students. Specifically, he has given away over 15 cars, helped college students with their tuition, and given away MacBooks. Aditya Patel, a student at EHHS when asked about which segment was his favorite said, “I like a lot of David’s segments. I probably would have to say when he gives away cars that's really cool. When he gave away a Lamborghini it was pretty sick.”

Aside from YouTube, David Dobrik has also branched out to different media platforms: even mainstream media. He has a podcast with one of his best friends and Vlogsquad member, Jason Nash, called Views. These episodes are about forty minutes long where they talk about one topic Every topic is lighthearted and meant for comedy. On November 1, 2019, David Dobrik was on a new Nickelodeon show, “America's Most Musical Family” where he guest-starred as a judge. You can hear his voice in the Angry Birds 2 movie that was released earlier this past year as well. He only had one line and played a bird in the movie, however he really enjoyed it.

As David’s popularity has grown, he has been opened up to great opportunities. This year, he hosted the Teen Choice Awards alongside Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale. David Dobrek has won six choice awards; his most recent one is the 2019 People's Choice Award for Favorite Social Media Webstar. He also won that same title at the Kids’ and Teen Choice Awards this past year. On November 14, 2019, it was announced that David won Peoples’ Magazine Sexiest Heartthrob award. He beat out other celebrities, like Shawn Mendes, Harry Styles, Noah Centineo, and Jordan Fisher. According to People's Magazine, “The YouTube Sensation rallied his 9.4 million Instagram followers to beat out his competition.”

David Dobrik also has a merchandise line with the company Fanjoy. His merchandise is very well known. He sells items such as hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, phone cases, undergarments, blankets, posters, and mugs. “Clickbait” is a term very familiar to all of his fans. It is on the original hoodie that he released as well as most of the items that he sells. A student at EHHS, Amanda Martindale, stated, “I wanted to buy David’s merch because I really liked the design and what it said on it. It really explains David’s personality and what he posts on a day to day basis.” Recently, he has also come out with “David’s Disposable” hoodies and t-shirts that are tribute to an instagram account he has where he posts pictures taken with his disposable camera. David Dobrik has stated that his merch is his biggest form of income.

Many people view David Dobrik as a role model. Rebecca Dearborn commented, “He actually uses his platform for good unlike others, and he is a humble person.” Another student a EHHS, Brooke Mortimer, commented, “He is the best YouTuber and role model ever.” With his videos lighthearted nature, it has impacted people for the better. Amanda also commented, “ His videos make me feel happy, I know I can always watch his videos if I need a laugh.” As David’s popularity continues to rise it is exciting to see what he will do next.