Dancing into 2022: The Grammys Nominations and Upcoming Show

The Grammy Awards is one of the biggest award shows of the year, with it being held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on January 31st, 2022 to honor musician’s accomplishments. Every year we see our favorite musical artists come together to recognize all the achievements in the music industry. This is going to be the 64th year of the Grammys, and we have been through so many changes in the music industry and we have come a long way in those sixty-four years.

A short list of people and nominees who will be attending are ABBA, Jon Batiste ,Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Daniel Cesar & Giveon, Brandi Carlile, Doja Cat,SZA , Billie Eilish , Lil Nas X , Olivia Rodrigo , Silk Sonic, Ariana Grande, and more. The categories are Rap Album of the year, Song of the year, Album of the year, Best Pop Solo Artist, Best Pop Solo album, etc. The Grammys will be televised on the CBS channel, with over 8.8 million people tuning in to watch the Grammys on. It has not been disclosed how many people will be attending live due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Grammys in 2021 were extremely different then how they are normally held. It was the one of the highest points of COVID when nobody really understood what it was, there was limited performances, on the Red Carpet everyone had to stay six feet apart, paparazzi couldn't get too close to the celebrities, and it was one of the first times the Grammys took place outside.

In the Grammy Awards there is a Review Committee that does the first rounds of voting for all of the categories. They approve the categories and nominations and vote before they allow anyone outside of the committee to vote. According to a survey of a few EHHS students and faculty 50% of students have said they will not be watching the Grammys live on TV, 37.5% of people may watch , and 12.5% of students will be watching live. Some EHHS students and staff will not be tuning into the Grammys because the Grammys are “played out,” and because some musical artists are not even deserving of a Grammy they take away from the ones that do. EHHS teacher, Mrs. Mindy Parisi will not be watching the Grammys on TV, but instead she will be tuning into social media posts. Mrs. Parisi looks forward to the fashion on the red carpet, she also is excited to see live performances and wants to see “unexpected collaborations.” The people she hopes to see and perform are Billie Eillish, Adele, and Ariana Grande. EHHS junior Justyna Jaskulska will be tuning in to the Grammys. She wants “the Queens of Rap” Nicki Minaj and Cardi B to each win a grammy. This is a very controversial topic because the two have had a few altercations where it has gotten violent between the two over who the Queen of Rap actually is. Justyna says “They should end the beef and make music together”. She believes that if the two female rappers collaborate it might actually save the award show. She even said “Everyone forgot about the Grammys, a performance by them could possibly save it.” Sadly we will never see Nicki Minaj attend the Grammys because she was black-balled by the Grammys after her 2012 performance of the song “Roman's Holiday” where she mimicked an exorcism, and it did not sit well with viewers at home.