Crowded Hallways Cause Aggravation at EHHS: Should Reform Happen?

Currently, in EHHS, students are crowding the hallways which put them at the risk of COVID-19 and cause students’ attendance to drop. The school has an estimated total of 900 students. There are 3 floors and several hallways. Throughout the school day, there are around 5 passing times where students transition to another class, not counting lunch of course.

900 students getting out of class to transition to another is too crowded. 8 out of 10 students stated that they frequently bump into at least one person a day. Victor Jr. Unabia, a junior at EHHS stated, “I don’t think it is safe to walk in hallways that are this crowded when Covid is around.” At first, many didn’t give it a thought, but after some consideration, they realize that school in person isn’t that safe compared to doing school online.

According to EHHS English teacher, Ms. Themis Valsamis, “It makes me nervous when there is a big group of people and their mask is under their noses and they are not moving to class.” If students have masks covering their noses it would be safer. Some teachers tell students to cover their faces but many students would ignore the teacher’s warning. Students would put their masks under their noses most of the time when the teacher didn’t pay attention.

Attendance was, and still is, also affected by the crowded hallways due to the limited amount of passing time. Many students stated that they aren’t regularly tardy, but that they have been tardy because of the crowded hallways and the distance to get to each class.

Some students would love to have extra time during passing to rest and 70% of students say they want to talk to their friends during this time. Students say that their time is too limited. Students feel that the school should increase the time if the classes are going to be an hour and 30 minutes.

The distance between each class contributes to some students’ problems. Students complained about how far the classes were if they have to walk from one side to the opposite side of the school. Some students stand in the middle of and crowd the hallways while others go too slow, texting while walking. EHHS fast walkers complain that time is very limited and people are standing still, talking to their friends, and using their phones when walking.

Students cannot use their lockers during the passing time because there is too little time to go back and forth to their lockers. Many students don’t know their lockers and they don't even know the combinations to open their lockers. Freshmen and sophomores weren’t assigned a locker. One EHHS sophomore, Aron Cardenas said, “I don’t think anyone has them.”

The stairs aren’t as crowded compared to the hallway. Although it’s not crowded, many people talk about how the stairs are too much work and many others also say that it is painful. Stairs slow students down which cause them to have a hard time getting to their classes. This causes students to be at risk of COVID and impacts their attendance.

Photo Credit: Chau Ngo