Come Join the Art Club!

The EHHS Art Club has new teachers and a new structure in the 2019-2020 school year. At EHHS, it’s hard to fit everything into the art curriculum, so the Art Club offers a wide variety of activities for students to take part in. This is the first year that the Art Club is being run by all three art teachers (Mr. Matt Stevens, Ms. Sara Cooper, and Ms. Mindy Parisi). This year-round program is broken down into four block sections which are split amongst the three teachers. Mr. Stevens is in charge of silk screening and digital drawings, Ms. Cooper is in charge of pottery, and Ms. Parisi is in charge of chalk art.

Being in the Art Club allows students to express themselves in their work, branch out, and learn the different aspects of art. Being in clubs is a good way to make new friendships that could last a lifetime. Art Club member, Derek Coady, says he enjoys the club a lot and loves to, “be freely creative while also having a fun time with my friends.” You don’t need to be an artist to join the club; anyone can join. For those who are looking to pursue art as a career, the Art Club is a great way for future artists to improve their art skills and put their best work forward. Amber Martin has been in the Art Club for two years and believes that, “the club has been helping me too slowly improve my skills. So far, I have learned to do digital artwork a lot better, which was something that I could never do. It has also taught me how to use the right shapes and materials for the type of artwork that I want to make.”

At the beginning of the school year, (September 26th to November 21st), Mr. Stevens taught silk screening in room E006 on Thursdays. In this course, students were able to design silkscreens and make t-shirts based on their designs. After this course, Mr. Stevens began teaching Digital Drawings which will be running from November 28th until January 23rd. In this course, students are in the computer lab (S007) on Thursdays learning how to create layers and create digital artwork in photoshop using drawing tablets and drawing software. For the next segment, (February 3rd to April 6th), Ms. Cooper takes over and teaches students about ceramics/pottery in room E007 on Mondays. In this course, students will be able to explore the craft of making pottery on a wheel. This course will cover wedging, centering, shaping cylinder and bowl forms, glazing and finishing techniques. Concluding the school year (April 13th to June 1st), Ms. Parisi will be teaching the club members the art of chalk art in room E011 on Mondays. Since the new change in the Art Club Mr. Stevens believes that, “It’s a little more focused this year and it’s been very successful so far. We have about 4 times the amount of students that we’ve had in the past.”

It’s okay if you can’t attend every meeting but Mr. Stevens highly recommends students to stay for at least one of the sections. Even popping in for a meeting can be a great learning experience! So if you’re interested in learning about something new and making new friends, then the Art Club is perfect for you! Be sure to look for posters around the school to catch the next meeting!