“Clue” Your Way Into EHHS’ Drama Club Streaming This Weekend Only!

Photo Credit: EHHS Drama Club

The EHHS Drama Club is ready to livestream their final performance of Clue, which is a play based on the popular murder mystery boardgame. The play premieres starting today, May 20 through Sunday May 23 for $10 per household, and the audience can watch it at any time. Members of the EHHS Drama Club faced many challenges throughout the process such as COVID, but eventually adapted to them to create the perfect comedy play.

The story takes place in a largely remote mansion in 1954. Six guests are invited for dinner on a dark, stormy night, but they turn into suspects for the death of the host, Mr. Boddy. This leads to murder and blackmail on the table for everyone in the mansion.

Mrs. Collins and Mrs. Boisvert, the directors of the EHHS Drama Club, were excited to show off the production due to the short amount of time they had and the obstacles they encountered. The club usually performed musicals, but this year it was a straight-up play. The club spent nearly two months perfecting it, starting the production in March. Rehearsing for the play was a major challenge because they needed to integrate online and in-person students. Actors eventually had to come in to act out on stage, wearing specialized masks. They are referred to as duck masks, and they made it easier for actors to talk prominently on stage.

A major difference between the plays this year and last year was the final performance. Because of COVID-19, they were unable to perform in front of an audience. The only possible solution was to film the whole production, edit it, and livestream it online. The film crew was led by EHHS juniors, Michael Robert and Ryan Sieng. Filming took nearly the whole day--around 10 hours.

Michael and Ryan being best buddies, filming Photo Credit: EHHS Drama Club

Sadly, this will also be the last year for seniors to participate in drama club. Seniors Tyler Vance, Alora McCarroll, John Carballo, Bianca Apuzzo, and Asa Myers will be graduating East Haven High School.

Tyler Vance played Wadsworth the butler in Clue. Tyler has been in drama club since 5th grade, yet this was his first time participating in a straight-up play instead of a musical. “I really enjoyed playing this character because I was able to take some creative freedom with him.” He said, “The stage notes said that he had a British accent, but I decided to give him a deep, grouchy, ominous sort of tone...I had to stop myself from smiling or laughing because of the great fun I had while playing this character.” Tyler Vance plans to attend UCONN and major in molecular biology.

Alora McCarroll played Miss Scarlet, who was a “sarcastic socialite.” Alora has been participating in drama club for two years, and she loves musical theater. She said, “I loved playing Miss Scarlet because she was so confident, quick-witted, and sarcastic which was really fun to play.” She plans on attending the University of Rhode Island and continue theater there.

John Carballo played Mr. Green, an anxious and jumpy character. John joined drama club last year, and although he does not have much experience, he enjoyed seeing himself improve his acting abilities. John “[feels] like the thing I will miss the most about the club will be the people...Although I didn't get to talk and make friends with everybody, I feel like this play has brought us together nonetheless.” John plans to study mechanical engineering and plans to enroll into Rensselaer.

Bianca Apuzzo played Mrs. Peacock, who was the senator’s wife. Bianca loves to dance and has been dancing forever. She plans to attend URI.

Asa Myers did not play anybody! He was a part of the backstage crew. He initially joined the drama club last year. Without him, there might have not been a backstage crew for this year. He’ll be attending Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York to study mechanical engineering.

This year is definitely a first for many of us. Members of the drama club are excited to showcase their hard work to the public. “It’s funny, it’s suspenseful, and action-packed, so I think it’s going to be great!” Mrs. Collins said excitedly. In order to stream the play and support the EHHS Drama Club please visit the website before Sunday. Get “Clue”d in to the revolutionary style of production.