Class of 2022’s Final Adventures

The Class of 2022 is making their way to the graduation stage with a stop at Brownstone Adventure Park for their senior trip and Anthony’s Ocean View for their senior luncheon. Each year, the seniors are celebrated with a trip and luncheon at the end of the school year. These events allow for students and administration to mingle and have some closure before the seniors graduate.

This year, the seniors visited Brownstone Adventure Park in Portland, CT on June 1st for their senior trip. On average, usually about 90 students attend the senior trip according to Ms. D’Amore. The seniors got to Brownstone by buses provided by the school, paid for by their class dues. They left the school at 9:00 am and returned at 2:10 pm in case any seniors needed the bus to get home.

Photo Credit: Amanda Martindale

A luncheon is an event that allows students and their teachers to enjoy a buffet - style lunch while wrapping up their final year together. The senior luncheon for the class of 2022 will be at Anthony’s Ocean View this year on June 14th after exams. Students will drive and meet administration at Anthony’s. The event will take place from 12 pm to 3 pm.

For the luncheon, many students will dress semi - casual and take pictures on the beautiful beach at Anthony’s. Many students wear sundresses or khakis to this event. This location allows for a great opportunity to get some final pictures with friends and administration. Senior, Herikumar Patel states: “I am going to the luncheon and I am very excited for it”.

For students to attend either the luncheon or the senior trip, it is required that they have paid their class dues. The class dues will cover the cost of the luncheon and cover the senior trip. The admission to Brownstone would have cost about $45 per student which is covered by their dues.

Brownstone is a sports-action water park that includes zip lines, rock climbing, rope swings, water slides and more. There is also a snack stand for students to get snacks while on the trip. The class of 2022 class officers are responsible for setting up the senior trip.

Photo Credit: Amanda Martindale

The class officers sent out a poll to the rest of the seniors asking which location they would prefer to go to for their trip. Their two options were Holiday Hill or Brownstone. Some seniors requested that they could go to Six Flags, however, this location was not a possibility for the trip. According to Ms. D’Amore: “A lot of people said Six Flags but unfortunately we are not allowed to go there because Six Flags is open to the public all the time. At Brownstone, it’s only open to schools during the school day.”