Class of 2022 Embarks on Their Senior Year with a New President: Amanda Martindale

Amanda Martindale, our former class historian, is the new senior class president; she took over the role once former class president, Matt Gaudioso, moved out of East Haven last year. It had been Matt’s desire for the former vice-president to take his place but, for undisclosed reasons, that wasn’t possible.

To our knowledge, the student body became aware of this change during an assembly that was held on September 8th; during which Amanda’s presidency was briefly mentioned by our class advisor Mrs. Martindale. Mrs. Martindale said, “She took over last year because our president moved to another school- another town actually...” which explains Amanda’s seemingly sudden change in position. As it stands, the student council is still currently missing both a treasurer and a historian. They are not holding elections, making both positions available to anyone who is willing to commit to them.

Upon speaking with Amanda about her plans for the upcoming year as well as senior activities, she revealed that she’s already been hard at work, saying, “We have a lot of ideas coming up like homecoming, regular senior stuff, regular school stuff.” Homecoming is already scheduled and will take place outside, as per the Covid-19 restrictions. As for other activities planned, “We have some fundraisers in the work for like food and stuff, we also have a volleyball game that we might be doing in the spring- kind of like a powderpuff game but for boys!” says Amanda. It is clear that both Martindales have big plans for this year, with the intention to make up for the time that was lost due to Covid-19.

Photo Credit: Amanda Martindale