CIAC Cancels High School Football Season for Fall 2020 and Disappoints EHHS Players

On Sep. 3, 2020, the final decision was made to cancel full contact high school football. The CIAC made this decision alongside the Department of Health’s suggestion that playing would be too high of a risk. Not only football players from all different parts of Connecticut were upset, but many other students were angry.

The 2020-2021 high school football season looks very different for CT players. Here at EHHS, our senior football players are disappointed, but not discouraged. Seniors, Lawrence Mingione and captains Alex Duarte and Trey Garea, express how important football is to them and how upset they are over the cancellation of their fall season.

A protest was organized at the state capitol on Sep. 9, 2020, which many students and prospectors attended. Alex, Larry and Trey attended the protest and had optimistic feelings towards it. Mingione says, “Us three were there, and most of the football team was there. I think it [the protest] went well though. It was a good turnout.” Alex Duarte has similar feelings about the protest and says, “The perfect outcome [of the protest] was playing in the spring. With everything that happened, that was our only opportunity, with them canceling our fall season. We thought [the protest] was going to work, but unfortunately it did not.”

As Duarte said, there is still hope for a spring season. The CIAC sent out a list of recommendations of activities that football players can still participate in order to keep them conditioned for a possible spring season, but that are less high risk than continuing on with their traditional fall season. Duarte even said that a spring season is “the one thing we are relying on.” Garea, agreeing with Duarte, said,“Yes, absolutely. Yea, that's the only thing we are relying on right now. No winter season, no fall season, spring’s our only option.” The players were all adamant that their team will be ready for a spring season. Duarte says that in fact, there is no doubt in his mind his team will be ready for a spring season.

As they continue to practice, the team meets 3-4 times a week. Each practice consists of 1 and a half hours. To start practice, the player spread out on the field and stretch. After they have stretched, the players break into smaller position based groups where they work on their technique and performance. Once they have completed that portion of practice, they practice executing and perfecting plays against one another for the remainder of the practice. The team will continue to follow this practice schedule in order to stay prepared for the spring season.

The EHHS 2019 Football Team