China: Tightening Security Protocols to Combat COVID-19

On April 4th, 2022, Shanghai China announced a massive lockdown hoping to stop the spread of Covid-19.

China is a large country in which most products and items for many countries' consumers are manufactured and shipped from. Ms. Maria Sanico, a first and second-grade English teacher at Zibo High-Tech International School in Shandong, China, stated how COVID-19 started in China. She said, “When it started there was an infection transmitted from someone, it started in an animal market in Wuhan, China. It causes death. They [the government] got this idea to lock down the whole country to save the lives of the people.” The results were far from what they expected, it may have saved lives but it quickly caused chaos because of how scarce the food has been.

The newest lockdown began at least four months ago. Maria stated that “[China] was forced to lock down to save humanity.” This lockdown’s lifting cannot be confirmed because the number of positive test results is rapidly increasing. Individuals are being locked up in their homes, apartments, or other places where they can reside during their quarantine period. Out of 22 people in the EHHS Community, 60 percent are not aware of the lockdown in China while 40 percent of the EHHS community are aware.

Workers are required to take a nucleic acid test to travel to their place of employment every day. "We do nucleic acids every day in my school," Maria said. "The test result is valid for 48 hours, but my school requires it daily." Nucleic acid is a Covid detection test that gives the citizens ability to travel from place to place in China. They take nucleic acid tests every day to safeguard their lives and to avoid harming students. They have begun in-person classes as well as online sessions that began two months ago.

In some parts of China, the government does not provide supplies to people who are quarantined. In Maria’s community, there are some specific people who will buy supplies for them. "You know the nice thing about being locked up is that in my community, they created a group of people who did the shopping group in Wechat to ask what they like or they ask everyone what they like.”Currently, Maria is still in the process of adjusting to her new environment and the changes that the Chinese government had given to her and the people.

Lockdown has had a physical, emotional, and mental impact on the people of China. "The lockdown affects you mentally and physically because you can't hang out with your friends or go on errands in the park without checking the health code for the nucleic acid test result'' Maria explained. There are a set of instructions provided to establishments, such as buses and supermarkets. Even when using a taxi, each person has to abide by a health code," The health code is included with colors that indicate how safe you are to travel and go around. Green, yellow, and red make up the health codes where enforcers scan the health codes from their phones. Green indicates that you are free to go anywhere, you are Covid-free. Yellow means that you must quarantine for 14 days. And red indicates you have been exposed to Covid-19 and must be taken to the hospital immediately. This set of instructions sometimes confuses others more than helps them and causes anxiety.

Being in a lockdown for several months sounds horrible, and it seems to be something that no one like but some people didn’t realize that there are people who are in a much worse situation. There are people who die because of Covid-19, and there are people who lost their family members due to Covid. Maria stated, “Just expect the expected you know, like this kind of dilemma will happen in life that is too short, everyone or everything is fleeting and value the time to spend outside it might be the last.” She also admires the Chinese people's dedication to government regulations. Because she couldn't cook and had to eat outside before the lockdown, she learned a lot about herself. She could no longer take it and had no choice but to learn to cook during the lockdown.

The lockdown is frustrating and stressful for some people, but it also benefits people because you'll learn more about yourself and improve yourself as a person while keeping yourself and others safe. Maria stated that “There is a positive thing about spending more time with myself that I can do a lot of stuff by myself and which is also a positive.” People may go through life finding ways to be happy and just survive.

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Photo Credit: Maria Sanico